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    Palm Inc. (PALM, $11.85, -$0.55, -4.44%) shares slipped, which Avian Securities analyst Matt Thornton attributed to pullback from an 8.3% gain Friday, when takeover rumors swirled. Many investors likely wanted to position themselves long going into the weekend in case a deal was announced, so that positioning is probably just unwinding Monday, he said. Palm also launched its new Pixi phone on Sunday, and Susquehanna analysts said store checks indicate "somewhat weak initial interest" for the Pixi. Thornton said that chatter could have contributed to the stock's decline, but it is still early to tell how the phone is being received.

    -from the Wall Street Journal Hot Sheet
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    If I was you I'd change your user name to something that doesn't contain your e-mail address. The spam bots are making sweet love to your account right now.
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    "The spam bots are making sweet love to your account right now."

    That made me laugh!

    Back on topic, this is not surprising to me at all. I posted over the weekend how for the past four years when a Palm phone was about to come out, the forum would pick up steam days or weeks before it actually arrived. I feel like this Pixi forum is dead and still is...and it is launch day. Not a great indicator, although as the article says, it is still early. That said, I'm glad I sold most of my Palm stock a few months ago!

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