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    Tell me How u liked it
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    very cute but i like a physical keyboard. my main problem with the pixi is the WIDTH! its way too narrow >.<
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    To answer your question and the poll yes I do like it...but I wouldn't buy one because I'm a physical keyboard guy. I know a lot of people that would prefer a slate form factor though and it would be great if WebOS offered every type of form factor under the sun. I think Palm should focus on making this and a powerful candybar (bigger than the Pixi) for 2010 and they should be good.
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    Yes, this would defiantly be my next buy, but I'd prefer it to be a little more wide than your examples, and with the gesture area of course. But with a nice Virtual Keyboard it'd be amazing.
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    Combine this with physical slide out QWERTY and I'd by it. already posted this here:
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    Like I said previously, Palm could have easily made the Pixi's screen 3". It could have been expanded above the screen, along the side, and by shifting the keyboard down just a tad.
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    Give it a Droid screen, make it a slab, and we have a winner. If you want to include a landscape kb, fine, but don't care.
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    yeah, looks cool, but I like a physical kb too. Then again, Palm needs to find a new designer/manufacturer if they have moving parts on future phones
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    Crap. I should slap you in the teeth for using a iPhone keyboard...

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