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    I'd check to see if she really hits the power button or just says she did. My boss claimed the same thing and I called BS. Kept telling him to hit the power button after getting off the phone and to try and turn it back on without hitting power again. He couldn't do it, yet he still claimed he pocket dialed people after hitting the power button. I'd tell him to hit the power button, let me see him try to turn it on, then put it in his pocket and see if he pocket dialed anyone. Never happened then.

    Quote Originally Posted by clymber View Post
    Funny... my wife's Pixi screen lock function doesn't work. After ending a call to me, the Pixi has redialed from her pocket several times, even after she powered it off. .
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdmiralViscen View Post
    if I have my Pre keyboard slid out, then hitting the power button is enough to get rolling. Hell, hitting the spacebar does it too. So why does the Pixi require a two-stage unlock? candybar blackberries let you press any key to turn it on.
    I see zero need for the screen lock. Zip, nada! Hate it. Want it gone, please. Or at least give us the choice of whether to turn it on or off.
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    I wrote in to Palm using their "Feedback and Feature Request" form, and asked for a wake-up by pressing the space bar. I also asked them to make the screen stay on while making a call in Speakerphone. Isn't it inconvenient when you are speaking on speakerphone and have to press the power button to end the call or enter numbers on the keypad?!

    Maybe it will be in the next WebOS update
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    Quote Originally Posted by toofless View Post
    my wife made the same point, you should be able to hit the space bar, (or any key for that matter), to wake the screen, then have to drag the lock, instead of having to hit the power button....
    who can patch this?

    I would love to be able to wake the phone by hitting the space bar (or other) key. The power button is a PIA .
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    Well, if it's any help, I did accidentally figure out you don't have to "target" the yellow circle to drag up. You can simply press the power button and then swipe up from around the middle of the gesture area in a full motion up past the area the yellow circle has to leave.

    I'm sure plenty already know this, but I had no idea until I did it by accident. Being able to just press the power button would be ideal (hell I like unlocking the hero way better), but this makes it easier at least.
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    I figured out that while on a call (speakerphone) and the screen dims that I can hit the volume up button to bring it back to life without any sort of unlocking.
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    elessarelfstar the swipe doesnt even need to be past the lock long as u start just above the T/Y keys and swipe ur finger onto the screen it should unlock
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    same thing with answering a call btw
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    2 completely different desires here (maybe even a 3rd)

    A) Push power button, no unlock swipe

    B) Push any key (instead of power button), then unlock swipe

    C) Just start typing your pin, no other buttons/swipes

    A won't work for me, I hit the power button on occasion when the phone is in my pocket (sometimes when tying my shoes the phone will go to the shutdown menu). I would like B, that power button is in an awkward spot for me. Plus the pixi's keys are firm enough that I doubt they ever get pressed by accident. I would want C if I used a pin. Palm just needs to give us all 3 options.
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    Ah, yes. Thank you. I also found that it's possible to press the space bar key to wake it up while doing speakerphone calls.
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    Does anyone know if there is a patch to enable keyboard (space bar) to wake up the Pixi? I dont trust the power button lasting and would like to have another option to wake up the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miles4000 View Post
    Does anyone know if there is a patch to enable keyboard (space bar) to wake up the Pixi? I dont trust the power button lasting and would like to have another option to wake up the phone.
    no know patch, would really like one though as power button is less convenient than space bar.

    However if the power button does die, you can still toggle the mute switch to unlock.
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    When the phone is asleep, ie the screen is off, the only buttons that are active are the power button and the volume keys. All the other buttons/keys become active after the phone wakes up. I believe this baked into the hardware design so it will be tough to get around. This is similar to the original Pre owners trying to get a patch to make the card button turn on the phone. Not going to happen.
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