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    I hope so. It drives me nuts.
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    a few things ive noticed with the pixie

    1.) screen is too dim

    2.) no animation with the boot screens.

    i hope all of this can be fixed with a patch or update?
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    has anyone figured out a fix for this? I'm on the latest webos.. and still ahving the dimming!
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    I don't understand why the Pixi's are so glitchy and buggy and each new software "update" worsens or adds more problems. Doesn't Palm tests its own software first on its phone i.e. Pixi? Is there anywhere we can all contact Palm about all these issues?
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    I got my wife a Pixi and myself a Pre in Nov. I never really messed with her phone too much until last night I was looking at something. I never noticed just HOW dim her screen is compared to my Pre. Just for testing I went to the screen options and set her brightness to the exact same as my Pre (almost all the way to the left). Once I did that it was barely readable. I had to move the slider all the way to the right to match the brightness on my Pre.

    There is something seriously wrong with that setting.
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    spydirus is correct, it is not an issue, at least a bug, it is an isue for me, but it adjusts to the amount of light, i t dims in low light, and gets bright in well lighted areas. It seems to be a battery life measure, and mabey a way around overheating as anyone with a pre knows is an issue
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    I just got the pixi and this screen autodimming is driving me crazy! Did anyone find an answer to to getting the screen brightness to stick? I have the screen brightness all the way to the right on max brightness and it's still dark. Thanks!
    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
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    yup i have the same problem!!!
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    +1 I have a Pre which I love. Bought my wife a Pixi and was fine for a short time but now the screen autodims to the point where you can barely see what is on the screen. Sometimes you cannot see it at all. I wish PreCentral would shine a spotlight on this and encourage WebOSInternals to find a solution or better yet pressure Palm to fix it.
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    My wife got a new Pixi yesterday and is having display problems. While it's being used, the screen goes completely dark. The power button must be pressed, and the screen unlocked, but more than half of the time it goes dark before it can be unlocked. Sometimes I try to unlock it 4 or 5 times in a row before it comes up. Sometimes the power button must be pressed several times before the display with the screen lock appears. Then it stays up for maybe a minute, sometimes two, while I am trying to set up an application for her, or whatever, then goes dark again.

    I know it's not due to how I hold it, because I hold it with my thumb in the middle of the bottom edge, and my forefinger in the middle of the top edge.

    Any ideas?
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