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    The bolded part below. Is it saying if you port a number in you will end up having to pay the full retail price?

    Instant Discounts

    Wirefly promises you savings in the form of instant discounts with no rebates or gimmicks when you sign up for wireless carrier service. Delivering on this promise means that you must agree to maintain your agreement for a minimum of 6 months after activation. Deactivating your phone, or downgrading features or the rate plan, may lead to additional charges.

    When you sign up for wireless carrier service through Wirefly, we discount your phone purchase price by an Equipment Discount amount ranging from $200 to $300. By ordering through Wirefly, you agree to repay this discount if, during the 181 days after your new equipment is activated, if you:

    * Fail to pay your balance due to your carrier each month
    * Disconnect this line of service
    * Transfer this equipment to another line of service
    * Change your carrier service rate plan to a lower monthly service rate plan
    * Deactivate the email/data feature if one was required at the point of purchase
    * Transfer/port an existing phone number from another account if this is a new line of service
    * Replace an existing account with this account if this is a new line of service
    * Return or exchange your phone and it is not in its original, new condition with no more than 30 minutes of usage

    If you break any of these contract provisions, except as a result of a documented service quality issue related to the carrier service, you authorize us to charge your credit card in repayment of the Equipment Discount.
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    I THINK it might mean if you port a sprint number to a new account for fear you will just not pay the other account?

    That sounds awfully dumb when I type it out tho. I shouldn't hit submit.

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    It means that you can use your old number, from whichever service provider, with your new phone.
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    Anyone know if they ding you with the fee if you switch from an Everything Data plan to an Everything Plus plan? (new SERO)

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