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    is there any benefits or downfalls to buying at either one of these 2 places?
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    BestBuy. RadioShack is a hole.
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    Best Buy Mobile FTW
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    Local Radio Shack quoted $119 for existing customers (upgrade). Best Buy quoted $99. So Best Buy for me.
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    How about Wal-Mart for half price? Otherwise I'd choose Best Buy.
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    wow. ok granted i work for The Shack (hehe) so i'm biased. Best buy is ****. they've always been a terrible customer service company and their return policy and warranties are a joke. from the Vaio i bought to games (don't EVEN get me started on car audio and installations.) its ridiculous. At radioshack we do all the mail-in rebates instantly and are MUCH easier to deal with for returns and problems. i can't speak for the radioshack stores u visit but if u are more concerned about saving 20$ than getting good help and waiting on a check in the mail, gooooooood luck.

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