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    Quote Originally Posted by jello3d View Post
    In the phone app, dial ##EVDO# and you will get several options...
    I changed it to "EVDO" instead of the "hybrid" option. I have had my pixi for about a week and since I did that a bit ago its been an amazing difference.

    Only thing that has been bugging me is i cant tweak it for 4x4 5x4 app launcher.

    Thanks for this tid bit of info. Does anyone know what the "Hybrid" option is compared to the just play "EVDO".

    I have not tried it on 1xRTT. I am currently running Pandora and 6 other random windows when before I would run Pandora and be lucky to compose a text.
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    i had to disable hybrid mode as well, the phone would lag severely with the ev icon flashing in and out. Once disabled its been quite a bit better.
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    OMG. If they fix the EV lag then I am definitely switching from Pre to Pixi. I hope they fix this soon. For people that don't know, you can get an "upgrade" on wirefly if you're a current Pre owner for $99 (2 year renewal) for the Pixi.
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