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    I've seen a few people on here saying they've already got the phone so are the stores actually letting people get them early or what?
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    I played with one today but they wouldnt sell it to me
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    mine is on reserve but they wont sell it to me until sunday (:
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    Telesales offered to sale me one today when I told them that I had 2 reserved at Radioshack. Her response was "well I can sell you two right now and ship them out today next day air". I asked about making the mail in rebate instant, and she said that they could not do that. I thanked her for the offer, but I hate mail in rebates. Radioshack wouldn't budge on selling one early.
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    My neighborhood walmart has them in stock and on display and offered to sale me one tonight for the $98 price, with two year upgrade contract.
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