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    from everything ive read and seen it seems like the pixi is NOT what palm is cracking it up to be. let me explain my situation again to those who do not already know.

    i had a palm pre and had it replaced 4 times within 2 weeks due to hardware issues: like dead pixels, light leaks, wobbly slider, and overall cheap feel. well i got a refund and cancelled my contract.

    now here i am 3 months later and miss webOS soooooo much. i miss the pre's amazing camera, huge screen, simply amazing video playback, and pretty decent speaker.

    the 4 things i just mentioned are said to not be as good on the pixi, which disappoints me greatly because the pixi was supposed to be what was perfect to me; hardware that is stable due to no moving parts.

    my dilemma now is that do i want to get a pre again and give it one last shot or should i just try the pixi first? i am NOT new to the smartphone game so i am completely torn and unsure :/
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    This is an easy one.....go to the Sprint store and try the Pixi for yourself and make the determination. However being as you value (the Pre's camera, huge screen and "simply amazing" video playback) I can't see how a lesser phone will make you happy.
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    i put simply amazing video playback because to me its simple and just works. its just like the iphone's video player and i love it lol.

    ill try the pixi on sunday since i have one on reserve but i really feel like in the end i will return it and get the pre lol.
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    To me it comes down to form factor. I do not like the Pre in that regard. One handed use is horrible and that's king to me. I agree that the way Palm neutered the Pixi stinks, but I'm still getting it and hope I can live with the limitations. Coming from the Centro, the screen size and lack of WiFi are things I'm used to. The camera will likewise be better than my Centro. I'll have to see about the speaker. I get mine by mail in a few days.

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