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    ...or more accurately, at least *1* store has sold/is selling. Just left Tysons, VA store (off of Rt 7) where guy next to me was provisioning his Pixi. Mentioned I wanted one to upgrade wife's Centro and they offered it to me as well -- unfortunately, since they insist on provisioning the phone in store, and wife is out and about, they lost an impulse purchase (if I left her with a brick until I got home from work she'd kill me )

    Guy let me hold/play with for a while and like Dieter said in review, the thin component is big sell (the guy was talking about how nicely it fit in shirt pocket). Def going to upgrade wife to this. May wait 'till Christmas now....(again, Sprint should have sold to me then/there and let me self-provision @ home).

    I also can't believe the Sprint corp Stores don't carry the Touchstone, charger-only version (they had bundle with backcase and bundle with wall charger, nothing else).

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    They were selling them yesterday in my area 11-12 south jersey

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