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    An improvement but not much of one. Going from horrible to just bad.

    Not playing an annoying chipmunks song in the background might've raised it one notch.
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    I hadn't seen the ad, or this thread, before. All I can say is "huh?"

    All I took away from this was that it takes pictures (whoopie, so does every other phone), has multiple backs (like dozens of other phones), and I can do things with my thumb. This ad is supposed to sell me? It doesn't tell me ANYTHING that makes this phone special.

    Palm has selected the worst ad agency in America.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister View Post
    The song is creepier to me then the pre lady
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    The song is by a group called Passion Pit. That may tell you something right there. I found out because i ran into it on HypeMachine a couple days ago. As for being scarier than the Pre lady, i think its just...blander. And the Pixi is put down by name alone, now we have to deal with chipmunks, yay.
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