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    When designing the Pixi, one could speculate Palm could have made the speaker like the Pre's, but decided not to, for a number of reasons.

    Down the road, do you think that the Pixi (Pixi 2.0 in year 20xx) could get an upgrade with stereo speakers?

    Other thoughts on the matter?
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    I'm 99% sure it just has the one speaker. They just designed the grill differently. I believe it was on their twitter q&a.

    Found it:

    Q: The Pixi has two speakers located on the back. Are they stereo and do they sound better or worse compared to the Pre's one speaker? (From @Blayze04)
    A: Palm Pixi has two speaker vents, but one speaker.

    Are you really listening to music over the speaker enough for it to be worth having a stereo speaker? I don't know of any phone with stereo speakers.

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