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    I'm on a Centro now, debating a move to either WebOS or Android. One thing I like about the Pixi and Centro is the ability to use it one-handed (e.g., read e-book or send texts at lunch while holding a sandwich in the other hand). The Pre, and especially the Droid or the Moment, seem like they'd be harder to use one-handed with the keyboard open.
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    I cannot comment on the Droid or Moment but I have no issues working the Pre with one hand. Don't get me wrong, it is easier and faster with two hands but one hand is not a problem.
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    I use my Pre one handed quite a lot... much easier to do so than with my last phone which had a landscape slider keyboard.

    The Droid looks too darn big to even hold one handed, let alone actually operate. haha
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    I use the touchscreen one handed, but I wouldn't use the keyboard one handed. it is just too hard to push the buttons, support the pre and keep everything angled properly. most of the time is makes sense just to use two hands when typing.
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    Like many things in life, sometimes it is easier one handed or two handed and the Pre is no different. Depends on what you are doing and how fast you want to do it.
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    Perverts, all of you!
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    I came from a centro & it's a lil harder to one hand the pre. The keyboard is wider than the centro & keys are farther apart & don't stand up as much (does that make sense? Centro keys were raised more) also the slider factor adds a weird off balance that I'm not too keen on, so I guess I'm saying you can one hand the pre but you might move around slower than the centro. I liked centro pad better
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    Don't try the Moment one-handed, for sure.

    In fact, don't try the Moment at all.

    I bought one after using a Pre and quickly went back to the Pre.

    Not that the Pre is perfect, but the OS is far more elegant and usable than Andriod, but slower (hope they manage to fix that.)
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    My Centro is the one-handed king. I had the Pre for about two weeks when it first came out. Comparing one-handed Centro usability to the Pre is like comparing the ease of driving a Honda Civic vs. a helicopter. For those of you saying the Pre is good one-handed, I'm happy for you, but I have no idea what you're talking about. Opening the keyboard and typing a web address into the Pre's browser one-handed is painful compared to the just one example. Seems like Pixi should be a lot closer to the Centro with the more similar form factor.
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    I find it somewhat difficult to open the Pre with one hand - it just seems safer on the screen to use two. Once open, the keyboard is very one-hand friendly, but the D-pad on my old Treo allowed me to navigate easier one-handed than I can now, simply because you need to use the kb / screen / gesture area, and so it's not as convenient.

    That being said, my wife has my old 700p, and this phone is light years ahead as a device.
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