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    Ok, well I got something in the mail today for being a Sprint Premier member eligible for an upgrade, and they are advertising the Pre, which I already have, the Pixi, and the Intrepid. And I'll be getting married soon and I want to get my fiancee on my plan. Listed among the fine print says the dollar amount off the retail $399 is only with a new contract or new line. So, since I am the only person on my current account, when I add a line to put her on it, she will get the money off the Pixi, as well as the instant rebate bringing it to $199 with a $100 mail in rebate, correct?

    I just wanted to ask some of you since I've had little luck discussing plan shifts and things like this with a Sprint employee or especially someone from the Best Buy mobile section.

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    Even if you weren't a premier member you would get the new member price for her since you're adding a line. If it were me I'd just get the phone at Best Buy and not have to jack with the rebates. You just pay $99 and call it good.
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    Ok, thanks! That's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure because I've been screwed over before on things like this.

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