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    coming to work this morning I had the pleasure...not so much...of playing with the pixi. I expected from all the see a much better device...and was very discouraged in the long run. Feels very breakable...and is in no way even close to the pre in my eyes. Very small and cheap feeling. The buttons are even closer then the pre and the os lags more then the pre. I'll be sticking to my pre.
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    I will agree that keeping the Pre is a good choice, but not for the reasons you mention. The cheap feeling you mention, I associate with a lighter less breakable device. There aren't any moving parts and less metal, so the weight will definitley be less.

    The OS for me so far has been great. There is really no major difference in lag between the Pixi and Pre other than running too many cards. I bogged down the Pixi at 6 cards, but up until then it was snappy.

    Overall, I think it will be a good phone, and with updates will be a great phone.

    The Pre is good for me, and I don't need the Pixi, but I like that Palm has continued providing quality products.
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