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    I love the pre for the stuff it does...I'm IN love the with the PRE camera and the speed of the shutter as compared to the BB tour...its nice too but takes way too long to take multiple pics and focus...

    I love the screen resolution and size is GREAT but could be better, reality is I have always loved the candy bar phone with full KB coming from always using treo's. The PRE was definitely a little adjustment as far as having to always slide out and its annoying to a degree but I deal with it...more so cause I text A LOT and hate on screen keyboards....

    I LOVE the design of the pixi and its what the PRE should have been....just upset that the screen size and resolution is smaller and the camera isn't as good....and the memory issues I have heard about as well...

    I really want it and I hope the screen resolution isn't that bad and size different isn't that major...and the camera difference isn't noticeable lol.

    Anyone else in my boat? any details would be appreciated
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    Every form factor has its tradeoffs, that's why the Pixi will be available in addition to the Pre. The Pre strikes a rare balance between full keyboard, full screen, and compact size. To the best of my knowledge there are no other devices that have achieved this yet.

    If you text frequently, you'd appreciate the full keyboard candy bar like the BB, Treo or Pixi. If you prefer to consume media or play games, the iPhone is at the opposite end. With the Pre you get both, and it's still very compact.
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    watch the pixi cam not even be that much worse rofl. and the screen size and res probably wont be an issue either so im stoked to get a pixi on sunday !

    the palm pre is still pretty bad *** though (:
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    facebook app?
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    A Pixi with Pre's screen won't be that much bigger. I will buy a "Pixi HD" over a Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by icesalmon View Post
    A Pixi with Pre's screen won't be that much bigger. I will buy a "Pixi HD" over a Pre.
    Ageed. I have the Pre and think it is just too small. I would much prefer a taller, wider, thinner phone with a more usable keyboard and bigger screen -- and eliminate the slider. The longer I have the Pre the more I hate the slider. I sure hope that Palm's next phone is a "Pixi HD" with WIFI.

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