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    Palm held an hour long Q&A session for the Palm Pixi in Twitter. Not sure if anyone was aware, but it took place today; November 2, 2009. There's more information at:
    Takeaways From Twitter: Palm's Pixi Answers

    There's some interesting information, but most that's already known.
    ". . . Pixi will have slightly better battery life than the Palm Pre, you won't be able to use the same Palm Profile simulatenously on both Pre and Pixi, and you probably shouldn't talk on it in the rain."
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    Nice summary on your part. That's all I gleaned from it, too.
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    Thanks; it seems the only benefit apart from the form factor of the Pixi (no moving parts) is a strap loop, approximately 50mins more standby time with the standard battery, and the same amount of memory that the Pre has.

    Quoted here:
    Q: Does Pixi have a strap loop? (From @imusicmash)
    A: You wanted it, you got it.
    Q: How does the battery life of the Pixi compare to the Pre? (From @HeyYolanda)
    A: Palm Pixi battery life is slightly better and actual use time varies by user. Check detailed specs here:
    Q: Hey Phil, how exactly is the Pixi's processor and memory different from the Pre’s? Are you allowed to share the specs?
    A: Memory on Palm Pixi and Pre are the same, and Pixi is first handset to launch with Qualcomm's high-performance MSM7627™ chipset.
    Other than that and the Palm Pixi's conveniences; a user would be losing the following when compared to the Palm Pre:

    • Bigger screen
    • Faster processor
    • WiFi
    • 3 MP camera vs 2 MP

    Unfortunately, a price for the Palm Pixi's exclusive artist back covers hasn't been announced yet. From other sources, I believe prices will be available upon the Pixi's release.

    Q: How much will the Pixi artist back plates cost? (From @gage006)
    A: Stay tuned!
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    So for now:

    - Candybar (build quality)
    - Longer battery life
    - Strap loop
    - $99

    - 2MP camera vs. 3MP camera
    - 2.63'' screen vs. 3.1'' screen
    - No WiFi
    - Slower processor

    Seems like that's not too bad, especially considering the price.
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    Pretty much; and you're absolutely right, with it's current planned price point it's not so bad. This little conversation of ours is actually helping me make up my mind on which to get. Main pull from the Pre though, is it's build quality compared to a more solid build like the Pixi.

    I shouldn't speculate, but since the Pixi is a candy bar styled phone. The concerns I mainly have for the Pre will be close to completely eliminated; I'd just have to work with less regarding the internal hardware.
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