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    I have a treo pro and I love the form in the sense of the same reason I liked all treo's which is the keyboard being right there no sliding or nothing cause i text a lot...I have a pre that I havent used cause I hate that you have to slide it a lot to use kb and I keep seeing all these slider issues...

    I kinda hate that the screen isnt as big as the PRE i DO love that about the pre....
    What is the screen size on this thing?
    What are the other exact differences between pre and pixi besides screen size and camera and wifi?
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    is the keyboard easy to type on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsnaquin View Post
    is the keyboard easy to type on?
    If you found the Pre's keyboard easy to type on, then yes it'll be much better. If you found the Pre's keyboard okay or not that easy to type on, the Pixi's keyboard is better due to the button's tactile response and the overall height of each button on the keyboard.

    The Pre's buttons were shorter due to the sliding mechanism to access it's keyboard. Many people love the Centro, especially the keyboard; the Pixi's keyboard resembles that.. so it's been mentioned.
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    Personally, I think Centro's keyboard is too small but the device is solid.

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