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    haha NOT a big deal or anything, but while watching a clip of the colbert report on, (episode from monday, sept. 28, 2009) you'll see a quick snippet of the palm pixie during his "taser" segment lol. The fact that I got excited about that made me question whether or not I was TOO in love with palms products. However, I don't regret saying that I'm positively obsessed with my palm pre, and I'm probably gonna get my grubby little hands on a pixie when that comes out too!
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    Ah dangit... I was just getting ready to post this as well. ( : Took a pic of it on my Pre (see attached).
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    OMG... *wipes tear* That's worth watching just for the quick, relentless and brilliant barrage of electricity puns.
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    Saw a Pixi on Colbert Report last night (2/14/2012). It was up in the graphic during the cell phone use while driving bit. How exciting.

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