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    I am reading that the Pixi will go for around $99, but I am sure that is with a new contract. Does anyone have any idea of how much it will sell for without a new contract? We switched to Sprint back in July, I got a Pre while my fiancée got a BB, but she is really liking the look of the Pixi and was thinking of switching over to it. It would be a good route for her to go as she doesn't have WiFi now with her BB, what you don't have you won't miss, and the 2MP Camera won't bother her either as she has a really nice Nikon already and only users her phone to take pics on a need be basis. Any info would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
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    Neither Palm nor Sprint has released any information yet, but I would assume it will have the same price point as the Centro it is replacing. The current off contract price of the Centro is $400. I would assume the Pixi will be between $350 and $400
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    realistically the pixi will be between 400-475 knowing sprint....I would say the contract price may even be $75-99

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