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    Don't forget the pop-up nose hair trimmer.
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    They should have thought of something else, honestly.
    I would never own a "pixi".
    Didn't anyone think of that?
    Young people buys phones like crazy, I don't konw of a young guy that would buy a "pixi"
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    a real app in a man phone would be to have instead of a YARF maybe YASF: Yeees a StripClub Finder
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreJamison View Post
    Funny... But I do hope they release a Palm Business Man formfactor. Really wouldn't be hard. WebOs + the most innovative (easiest to type on) keyboard known to man. We (I own Palm stock so I guess I can say we?) copied + improved upon the feel of an iphone like software, why not copy + improve upon a blackberry like keyboard. Also, make the gesture area around the center button a virtual D-Pad.
    A WebOS phone with the Treo 755 keyboard would be wonderful. Well, once the fix all the software issues. I'd happily put up with the extra width to have a good keyboard.
    Bob Meyer
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclancy View Post
    Come to think of it, a telescoping antenna that has a mirror that attaches to the end would be a really great feature on such a phone. EDIT (I guess maybe I was not clear. The mirror would be for inspecting mechanical items in hard to see places. An LED that shines down to the mirror would be great too.)
    Just drop the integrated camera onto the end of the telescoping antenna with the LED flash next to it that can be used in "explorer mode" for looking into engine blocks, under door jams or into vent ducts. You never know how many places that could come in handy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by duanedude1 View Post

    The so-called "deluded right-wing wacko fringe groups" deserve their own phone as much as the "deluded left-wing wacko fringe groups".

    Would the latter get the Acorn Edition?

    Cancel my order for the diamond-plate, I'm leaning towards the Harley version.
    OH OH! does the acorn edition come with an app that helps me launder my hard earned dollars as a pimp? Or at least one that helps generate creative ways to apply on home loan applications so I can open my next brothel?

    The right-wing wacko phone would have double as a 2-shot derringer, the center of the dpad could be the trigger, but would only truly sell well if it can make it through metal detectors!

    Oh the fun we could have by designing politically themed charged phones and feature sets
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    Quote Originally Posted by superduperpre View Post
    this sounds like your kinda beer!

    Are You Worthy?
    Quote Originally Posted by bclancy View Post
    I'm definitely worthy! Does that mean you might send me some beer? !!! I remember the first time I tried a Guiness I thought it tasted like motor oil. My tastes have changed, and now I sort of wish for a beer with a bit more body and character every time I have one. (Beer is one of my favorite foods. I drink it for taste and (usually) in moderation.)
    Arrogant B a s t a r d Ale is one of my favorites. Much like bclancy I drink in moderation, I drink to enjoy the flavor of the beer. I currently have a few bottles left of my Oaked Arrogant ******* left that I will drink one or two of today with some strong cheese. Strong beer and strong cheese is a huge guilty pleasure of mine.

    I highly recommend tracking some down and trying it. I live in south Texas and have gone from finding it in one store to a few now. What pushes Arrogant ******* Ale in my book is Yeti Ale and Oaked Yeti Ale
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    If it does what it says who cares what it is called.
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