What people fail to understand is that there are plenty of plans (even non-SERO) that include data, and are still FAR less expensive than any of the current "simply" plans. For example, my wife and I are both on recent Fair and Flexible plans, we get 500 minutes each, unlimited data, texts, mobile-to-mobile, and nights starting at 7pm. Granted many of those are perks that were granted to me by Sprint as recompense for having to deal with their crappy customer service over the many years I've been their customer.

That said - I'd have to double my monthly bill to switch to the cheapest "simply" plan that is Pre (and now Pixi?) compatible. What do I get in return? The exact same features I currently have in my plan, except that I'm paying twice as much and getting 50 less minutes.

No thank you, I have kids to feed, I can't afford to throw that kind of cash away.