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    I was skimming through the available images of the Palm Pixi and I don't know what prompted me to look for the microphone hole. I guess I just expected to see it on the front of the phone but I didn't.

    The only hole I saw was the one on the right side of its back:

    then I dug further and I think I see another hole on the front (to the left of the option button) that is really small:

    and possibly leads to the same hole on the back:

    I think its an awkward placement for a microphone to be. Just think of all the background noise your caller is going to hear.

    Or maybe its a place to put a lanyard through like the Centro, but where else would the mic be, behind the keyboard? Dieter, do you know?

    Images from Engadget
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    Nope, the mic is most likely that small hole, seems like the only logical position on the unit based on the pictures.

    I'm intrigued by the back housing though.
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    There has to be a good hardware design reason. Space, noise cancellation, hardware designer from somewhere that drives on the opposite side of the road?!? Who knows.

    I am left handed so on most my smartphones to have the mic on the lower left sucks as its further away from my mouth then right handed poeple. They should just put it in the middle and be universal. And, YES, this difference in about an inch CAN make a difference in call/noise/wind quality or clarity of your call.

    Not too big a deal ofr me as the Pre is a bad phone to hold and talk, I use Plantronics Voyager Pro. Treo was was better feeling and made without hearing your hand rub against the phone when talking if not using a bluetooth headset.
    (If this sounded confusing, Im talking about the noise heard from the back cover if you are trying to talk with the phone between your shoulder and ear as your hands are busy typing on the keybaord etc. Really bad problem on the Pre without the TouchStone back on and just the stock glossy/flimsy one.)
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    Being a Centro owner, I thought it made perfect sense. The Centro has a nice speaker on the back of the phone that is used when on speakerphone mode, but no microphone hole back there. Then I realized-- there's not one on the front either! It's on the bottom of the phone. In the 18 months that I have used this Centro, I have never had anyone complain about my voice quality, so it must work OK down there.

    I can only imagine one on each side would be just as good, but I can't figure out why they would need one on the back, unless those two small ovals at the top are speakers, as well.(?)

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