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    I just stumbled across this PC Magazine interview with Palm regarding the Pixi. I'm sure some of you have already read this but for those who haven't here it is:
    The Top Ten Questions about the Palm Pixi, Answered - News and Analysis by PC Magazine

    It's a top 10 list of questions they had for Palm, most of it we've already figured out but it's still interesting to see it come from Palm.
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    The answer about why Palm keeps releasing WebOS phones only on Sprint wasn't answered very well. It really didn't make any sense. Just say that Sprint is giving you more money for an exclusive and I'd respect you more.
    Are you trying to hurt me?
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    The also-ran of smartphone manufacturers loves being in bed with the also-ran of wireless carriers. Palm & Sprint have been enfatuated with each other since the Handspring days. Nothing really new or surprising there.
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    whats up with the yahoo mess pic?maybe its headed our way
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    I believe that they chose Sprint because they are going to put their full weight behind the device, instead of a moderate release without a big hype (like the Blackberry Storm on Verizon, for example). This encourages sales for Palm and also gets customers to Sprint for the device. It is almost like the iPhone with AT&T, only without the overloaded network. But the last answer was the best, I have to say

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