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    In my opinion, I think the Pixi will appeal more to the business users who currently have Blackberrys, WiMo Smartphones, and Treos. I've been using a Moto-Q phone for the last few years and I prefer the Pixi form factor over a thicker phone with a slider keyboard. I can accept a smaller screen and possibly the lack of WiFi. So long as the phone work well as a PHONE also!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpc111 View Post
    The Pixi just can't be a "serious" BB competitor if it has the same email and calendar quirks as the Pre.
    What quirks are you talking about? I am using it with EAS and Google with no problems. I wish I could create and invite meeting attendees through the Pre but it's not a huge deal.

    Overall my experience with it has been good, and this is using it as my primary mobile e-mail device in a very large company.
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    There is no chance of the Pre being free by Q1 2010.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swagner View Post
    I think the point of the Pre was to put out an iPhone competitor. Large touch screen, wifi, excellent multimedia, awesome browsing. If you follow that logic, look at the Pixi as a solid BB competitor- great keyboard, better web browsing, solid and thin, hopefully better battery life. I am actually tempted to switch to a Pixi if the signal strength and battery life are better.
    100% agree.

    Palm has said that all of their phones will have physical keyboards. That leaves two choices...Slider or candybar. I really don't think we will see anything too radically different in the near future.

    So far I think Palm had done an excellent job in the design of the Pre, and now the Pixie.
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    The Pixi, just like the Pre, and the new kids on the block in the a street inhabited by Microsoft, RIM, and Apple, even though Apple tends to keep to themselves and only plays with others if they agree with Apple's rules...that being said, the point of the Pixi, and along with that, the Pre, is to give us consumers a choice.

    They offer something new and exciting for users, both advanced users like the folks on this board, and your basic PDA/smart device user. Based on the specs I've read, it looks like the Pre will be the first choice for people like us, while the Pixi will be priced and marketed towards those demographics that only want 'cool' smart devices, that may not necessarily care about rooting, etc. It will provide a Palm Centro user, for example, with a natural evolution of PDA candybar phones, also at a Centro price point.
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    I see two sides that make the pixi very intresting first of i have nevr had a smart phone till i got a centro the most amazing phone by far i had ever had and i stuck with it as the pro came out and other phones like the bb storm and w.e cuz i want to know what did palm have to offer and they freakin deliverd with the pre when i got it it was like a slice of Nirvana however this is a part of me that feels if the pixi and pre both cam out i would get the pixi although i have to admit i may have still ended up with the pre the pixi just makes it easier to go to something that is more robust ur talking about a Custom operating syteme unique to palm which is the web os and for god knows how long they had been useing that O-so-famous palm theme that well wehn comparied to the iphone(which isnt even a smart phone just a nice looking one) of the BB it lacked beauty nice looking phone cartoon looking operating system. but anyways i digres i love my pre and the the pixi will also kick *** and give ppl more options when chooseing a kick *** phone.
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    basically you have a phone that look like a terminator version of the centro with a similar price tag to boot if you dont like sliders to the point u dont get a pre but u love the mutitasking and handeling of the web os then pixi is for you
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    I gave my sister my old Centro when I switched to the Pre (She sends me emails all the time how she loves it- her first smart phone). Now she wants to buy the Pixi when it comes out. She will just be the average user who wont tweak hers at all....unless i get my hands on it.
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    Jesus, prekiller, can you please learn to use a period or two? And maybe some capital letters? Does your ISP charge you by the letter? If not, why don't you actually SPELL OUT your words. Would it hurt you to type "because" instead of "cuz"?

    Your post is so hard to read and follow I gave up. You might well have useful insights, but when you write like a 2nd grader it's hard to tell. Or care.
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    There's no reason to attack him. Perhaps English isn't his primary language, or perhaps he's on a mobile device where punctuation may be hard.

    Anyways, I have tons of friends that after seeing my pre want a webOS phone for themselves. Many of them are leaning toward the Pixi due to the price and the design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atlanta View Post
    SMH (Scratching My Head) trying to figure out where the OP got that the Pre was having issues running webOS.. Most of the lag is not because of hardware..
    What lag? I haven't had a lag issue at all with the pre. I am SMH too!
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    As the parent of teenagers, I really wanted to get them Pre's but was concerned with the slider mechanism. They are really rough on phones and even though I know I can insure them, the $100 deductible + cost of insurance isn't exactly reassuring. The Pixi removes some of those concerns and I will buy three of them immediately at launch to replace Centros and Rumors.
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    For all that are complaining about the Pixie.. Here's my take.. Our 1st question to Palm is, Why? Well Pre owners probably wont trade their Pre in for a Pixie.. But those who don't own a Pre will most likely buy a Pixie. Its within price range for the average high school student, but as i look throughout this forum ages are well into 60 yrs of age.. You would have to be in that targeted age bracket to understand or even to say, "Hey i wanna Palm Pixie!".. My last Palm was the Treo 755p and all my female friends had the Centro.. Kinda like the Big Dog and the Lil Dog.. I think its a great idea, however i would be working with feelings if the Pixie Stood up to the Pre but it doesnt. Those who dont care about wi fi will buy the Pixie in a hearbeat.. I paid for a better machine and that's what we have.. Go Pixie fill those smaller needs folks hearts with joy..

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    lol the touch pro was 2.8 screen it was bigger than the PIXels ...but overall it should bring more webOS numbers up leading to more app development Im awaiting the Palm Pre 3.0...not 2.0 I'll skip it then upgrade again to 3.0
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    my take is , its not about the pixie as much is it is marketing to a group that normally wouldnt spend much on a phone.

    The object IMHO is to get people to move to a "smart phone", however they have to do it , now sprint can charge more for the monthly plans than those people were paying with their non smart phones.

    Whats the figure, mabe 10 percent of all mobile phones are smart phones? lots of market share to gobble up, and we all know how bad sprint needs customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maddball View Post
    Its within price range for the average high school student, but as i look throughout this forum ages are well into 60 yrs of age.. You would have to be in that targeted age bracket to understand or even to say, "Hey i wanna Palm Pixie!"..
    The only problem is that they group tends to buy phones off the back of buzz or because "it looks cool" without considering specifications or the like. The big problem is that the pixi is quite boring looking, I showed some pictures to my nieces and they thought it was a new version of my samsung i780 and the sort of phone that boring old Uncle Charles would buy. Why didn't pre at least makes the colours more interesting? In comparison, they really liked the Nokia 7705.

    I think this idea of the Pixie being for women has come quite late in the development cycle and is a reaction to whatever demographic sales data they have on the pre rather than something that planned out carefully over the long-term.
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    Palm pixi sucks
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    I'd get it if they didn't offer the Pre. I've never been a big fan of slider phones, Palm being the only manufacturer I'd make an exception for. I'm looking forward to handling this thing in the store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic View Post
    Palm wants and NEEDS to dramatically increase the webos install base for their App Catalog to be successful and to entice developers. THe Pixie will do just this!!
    The only problem with this is that the Pixi has a different resolution.

    I'm sure Palm will come out with some nice standards/suggestions/rules for making an app that is compatible with both, but certain apps (gaming) probably won't exactly fit both screens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjb1313 View Post
    There's no reason to attack him. Perhaps English isn't his primary language, or perhaps he's on a mobile device where punctuation may be hard.
    I know I have a dedicated period key on my pre
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