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    This is just a silly question...

    What features do you REALLY need? You don't need most features, most several features help make certains peoples lives easier or better. For me, wifi is faster at home. Do you need a camera, no, but its handy from time to time too.

    Why even ask that question? Does it matter to you what other people want? Let people want what they want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwayzRight View Post
    By the way...I didnt mean to instigate anything or offend anyone that uses if you are a little restless calm down if you use Wifi, good for you..the majority of people dont though... Verizon sold ALOT of Storms without Wifi and Sprint will sell ALOT of Pixis without Wifi...
    Yep they did and they will.

    But, I use and want wifi because i'm better than you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwayzRight View Post
    Verizon sold ALOT of Storms without Wifi and Sprint will sell ALOT of Pixis without Wifi...
    Verizon sold a lot of Storms because of Black Berry reputation, the popularity of the iPhones touch screen and marketing..
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    99% of all smartphone owners have never heard of TreoCentral and most certainly not this thread. Oops, I think I just grabbed a statistic out of the blue without any research at all, my bad. Doesn't mean I'm wrong though
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    Agree Wifi should be standard on anything called a "smartphone." It can save battery life in poor reception areas when using data. Also for me I switch it on if I am in the middle of a phone conversation and need to check something on the web or if I need to check traffic via google maps.

    Wifi can be/is very helpful
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwayzRight View Post
    Why is anyone *****ing about WIFI? can get homebrew without it. Is your battery life REALLY that big of a deal? Do you cheap people really need a better option to tether and steal the internet?

    So ill say again...Why do you NEED wifi?....what am I missing out that is SO important?...maybe I am just ignorant about something.....
    wifi's much faster then evdo..

    I like it for podcasts/etc. (a 100mb podcast comes down in just a 2 minutes using wifi.. and doesn't eat into my 5gb unofficial cap)
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwayzRight View Post
    I am just ignorant about something.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by templeghg22 View Post
    I have 3 classes of 2.5 hours each week where I don't have access to EVDO signal inside the classroom. WIFI saves me from a life of boredom
    I agree totally with you. Wifi is better when downloading large files and when it comes to updating the phone you don't have to wait til your phone is idle to download. Yea wifi
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    Normally would not respond to a bait and flame like the OP but enough reasonable people are discussing the matter to remember not to forget all the Airave people out there. Many of us need it with the Pre and got one. If Pixie (lousey name) has the same reception problems then they would need an Airave also but if you use that you lose EVDO. For me its wi-fi 100% of the time at home and at work.
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    I am sure sprint would of liked pixi to have wifi considering it would be people losing less of their bandwidth. Hum... for some reason i feel like its hidden on the hardware but i was told by palm guy who was on the pixi project its not.
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    I don't think the Pixi is aimed at people who really care whether or not a phone has Wifi. For those people who care about it, there's the Pre. For someone like my girlfriend, there's the Pixi.
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    I understood that Sprint mandated that all their smartphones would would have WiFi in 2010. I know it will be introduced a month before then but wonder why they are letting the pixi slip through the cracks. It is a smartphone, right?
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    OMG! Really Stop feeding the trolls, They are like cats they'll keep coming back.
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    As I mentioned in the other thread... international roaming. Turn off packet data, then just use local hotspots. I'm sure hotspot per use rates will be much cheaper than what Fido charges: 3c/KB or 0.6c/KB (that's $30/MB and $6/MB).
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    I use wifi at home because I have a fast network and internet connection there. As a result, page load and download times are *noticeably* snappier.
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    WiFi is faster than EVDO Rev least at my house and work.
    CDMA phones in general are battery eating machines especially EVDO and WiFi is much much more battery friendly.
    I download The DP show every day as well as other podcast and would pass 5GB every month if not for WiFi. Not to mention they download much fast and if I get a call while I'm downloading one it does not end the download like it does when I'm connected to EVDO only.
    If you don't have service but do have WiFi you can still do just about anything you could with service. Airlines are starting to offer WiFi on flights but you can't use phone service.
    Also why are you flipping out about this. If you don't care that it is missing WiFi then get it. Why does it matter what everyone else uses it for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by illskill View Post
    my WIFI is FASTER then Sprints EVDO..

    Are you high? why is battery life a big deal? did you really just ask that question?????

    Lets see why battery life is important. Lets simulate a battery with crappy life.. use your phone for 10mins then pull the battery out and try to use the phone..
    <----im high.......sorry for being off topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwayzRight View Post
    Why do you NEED wifi?....
    I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

    Fairly simple.

    I've had a pro for a while and only "needed" wifi and couple of times... but when I needed it, I really needed it... and it came in handy.

    You also have to realize that some of use are used to wifi... we first had wifi in our pda devices (as in no phone part pda). Wifi is how we work now.

    maybe I am just ignorant about something.....
    I'm sure a lot of things... like all of us are... no living man knows everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmrpnk21 View Post
    I guess I am going to jump in here.

    1.I use my WiFi at home because I have horrible signal strength in my house and enjoy having my email push to my phone that's always on my side.

    2. WiFi is a ton faster when downloading homebrew apps or just surfing the web on my sofa

    3. Coffeeshop+WiFi high-speed internet=GREAT morning.

    4. Smartphone should mean smart user, and for those that like to utilize all of their expensive device's features, WiFi is a major plus! If you just use the Pre as a phone, you might as well buy a Jitterbug!

    I have wifi available nearly everywhere I go, except my car and vacation home. There are dozens of places I don't have EVDO access, including my house, work, and, well most places indoors. My wife has a Blackberry 8330 has been frustrated several times since we got these phones about two weeks ago because she can't access the net.

    I'm kinda surprised no one has complained much about the 2 megapixel camera.

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    It is simple. IF you want wifi, get a Pre!!!

    The Pixie << Pre people. The Pixie is a lower end price point and thus no wifi, smaller screen, and lower end cam. Thats just the way it is...
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