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    Palm Pixi

    Incredibly thin. Instantly conversational.

    If you like your Palm(R) Centro(TM) phone, you'll love
    the new Palm Pixi(TM) on the Palm webOS(TM) platform.
    The multi-touch screen responds to natural gestures,
    letting you move back and forth between open apps without
    losing your place. It pulls in and links together
    information from places like Facebook(R), Google(R), and
    Microsoft(R) Office Outlook(R).1 You can personalize it
    by adding a back cover from the Palm Pixi Artist Series.2
    And it's our thinnest phone ever, with an exposed keyboard
    that makes it easy to say whatever you want.

    Meet the new Palm Pixi.
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    send this link3:
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    Email, mobile number, and related information required
    for setup and activation. Required data plan not included;
    unlimited plan strongly recommended.

    1 Within wireless coverage area only.

    2 Sold separately.

    3 By forwarding this email, you are NOT subscribing your
    friend to any future messages from Palm. In addition, we
    will not share your friend's information with any third
    parties. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.
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    (C) 2009 Palm, Inc. Palm, Pixi, and webOS are trademarks
    of Palm, Inc. Facebook is a registered trademark of
    Facebook, Inc. Google is a trademark of Google, Inc.
    Microsoft and Outlook are trademarks of the Microsoft
    group of companies. All screen images simulated.
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    I got it too
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    Talked to sprint yesterday. Samples coming 4th qtr.
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    I'm getting my 19 year old daughter a pixie
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    Quote Originally Posted by prephil View Post
    I'm getting my 19 year old daughter a pixie
    Too late. The entire family has Pres now. I got mine in June. No one else waited for the next WebOS.

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