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    I know this story just recently broke, and may not even be a truth yet. Has there been any speculation to hardware? Possibly things people are missing from the Pre, such as a Mem card, IR, Video capture etc.? I may forget about how nice it was going from my trusty/old Centro to the Pro if this little cutie has Mem Card, IR, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS etc... Not as nice as the larger Pre, but no sliding keyboard to worry about failing down the road, and....

    Memory cards!
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    It is unknown if "cutie" has full GPS (Engadget spec list said aGPS), it has video capture, so presumably the Pre will (yay!), definitely Bluetooth, no card slot, definitely no IR (it's 2009, sorry), and no WiFi.
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    If the Pre doesnt have it, dont expect its cheaper, smaller cousin to have it!
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    I haven't heard of any modern phone having IR anymore...
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    Is the Treo Pro "modern" enough for you? Don't forget about the scores of realtors out there that absolutely depend on IR functionality! And those BT-to-IR converters don't always work as promised...
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    Wow, I had no idea the Treo Pro had an IR anymore. I thought IR was left behind after BT became standard. I doubt any WebOS devices will have it, but that's a gut feeling. Hmm, now I'm reading all about those key boxes realtors use...
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    That would be really funny if it had IR...I mean...with Bluetooth + WiFi, IR is all but obsolete except for remote controls.
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    Sounds to me like the Realty industry needs to catch up with modern times.

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