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    My 650 stopped copying pictures from device to card, after many months of use. I can send pictures from device to another phone. I can take pictures to the card, and read and write to the card in a card reader. I can see the pictures on the card while in the device, and see pictures in the device. Anyone know how to solve this? If reinstallation of software, what do I reinstall? If I reinstall, will I lose the pictures on the device? I tried looking for the device pictures with Zlauncher to copy and paste, but I could not find them. Anyone know if they are accessible and where they are? Thank you for any help.
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    I'm confused. What has stopped? The ability to move pictures from internal memory to the SD card or the fact that the Treo used to automatically save a taken picture to the card and now doesn't?

    If it is the latter -- open Pics and Videos and select the card icon. This shows the pictures on the card -- but also tells the camera to save pictures to the card. This setting stays in place until a soft reset -- then it defaults back to internal memory and you have to go reset it again. . . . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    When the device takes a picture and stores it on the device, the pictures on the device cannot be copied to the SD card. (Media/CopytoCard). Pictures can be captured directly to the card, but not moved from device to card. When I receive a picture in a message, it can be saved to the card.

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