OK Ive been down with handspring since their very first offerings but right now Im fed up. Ive owned the 600 for just over a year (and it took 5 replacements to get one that would actually work properly) and now Im having the battery problem and yesterday the screen lines problem.

Im going to try walking into a store for a new one as of course my warranty has ran out but albeit that Palm wants me to drop $200 for a new (ummm hummm REFURBISHED) unit and Im not doing it. Considering I paid about $500 for a refurbished unit at the beginning (as my original one never worked so had to exchange from the start).

I guess my tolerance level for handspring/ palm is now 0...and yes Im venting. I have never had a device that was so perfect for running a business on the move...email, word, sms etc but Im am ready to make the move to something more reliable and something thats not gonna be broken down after a year.

The prices they charge are worth it until you factor in reliability and life span of these units...at this rate Id be better off renting one.

Anyway what are the alternatives??? I just dont like the blackberry. Saw the Sony 990i and fell in love but I dont know if I can wait and I just know the price is gonna be out the roof but if its reliable its definitely a contender...anyone have any ideas of a unit thats good to switch to after the 600? Thanks.