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    I have added a few new midi files to my sprint treo 650 but they dont show up in chatters tone list,,,,,, You know,,,,,, the list in the "tone" drop down when you go to the "edit mailbox" screen.
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    Nevermind,,,,,,, there in there today,,,,,, or maybe I'm crazy,,,,

    Anyway if any one elso want this its the "You've got mail" wav. I had to search and try 3 different wavs untill I found this clean one. Sounds good.
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    How did you get the wav file to show up in Chatter's tone list? I'm assuming you converted it somehow.
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    I didn't need to convert the format since the file was already in wav format. The treo can play wav and MIDI natively.

    I found out that if I reset after adding the tone then it shows up in chatters tone list.

    The "You've got mail" sounds pretty cool I think

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