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    I'd like a Bluetooth car option without having to buy a whole new car. Bluetooth-capable headunits seem to be few and far between (I'm probably going with the Alpine CDA-9855; it's gotten good reviews and Alpine is used by many other VW owners and there's tons of good reports on

    I came across this today: VOSSOR

    It's a Bluetooth handsfree/speaker kit incorporated into an aftermarket rearview mirror that clips on top of the one that came with your car. It does not require wiring into the car's wiring harness (though I could do it; I've installed overhead lighting from a Passat W8 and a Passat Homelink sunvisor and both required tapping into that area) since it's just charged from time to time from the cigarette lighter. The mirror shows the number calling, so you know ahead of time if it's worth taking the call.

    My vehicle is a 2000 Golf without the auto-dimming mirror. (Too bad this one does not autodim! I'd love to add that).

    If anyone tries it, I'd be curious to know if it works.
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    Just got it paid $150 and now I find that is is years old. But hey is seems to work as described. Cant get the phonebook to transfer using AT it only will transfer the phone numbers on the Treo 755P favorites page and then will omit the last one for some reason.
    Otherwise voice quality was good and it can go from car to car.

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