In general, when I see a little minor bug, I will wait for a release to see if it gets fixed. In the following two cases, they have stuck around for a while, and I don't know if I am the only one that sees them.

a) Palmsource installer. It works fine, but when you to the final extract/install, the screen seems to shift, as if the status bar on the bottom has disappeared, and the text starts to overwrite itself and looks messy. In the end the buttons appear across the bottom and it give you an option to run the newly installed program, but it looks ugly non the less.

b) Sometimes (I can't tell you how to reproduce the problem) when scrolling through a message, the OK button is highlighted, suggesting that you can close the message, but pressing the center button does not work. If you press the space bar first, and then press the center button, the message closes. It seems that the OK button is left highlighted by accident.