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    When I take photos and try to save them to the SD card, each save has a 1-3 second delay, which makes it, ah, sub-optimal for taking photos of things that move, like my five-year-old. Or, y'know, snails.

    The following characteristics do NOT seem to matter: card capacity (happens with 256M, 512M and 1G), free space on card (more than 200MB), fragmentation level of card.

    I've seen some threads on card bus speed, card speed, etc., but (a) they were a tad technical for me and (b) in any case I can't see why card speed would matter so much for a sub-100K image.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Card speed definitely matters. If you have a slow card, expect a delay when writing data to it.
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    make sure you have the save delay disabled on the camera app.
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    1-3 seconds? - I sometimes have to wait 20seconds!! - but only for the first picture, subsequent pictures take about 10seconds to save

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