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    I tried searching on this and maybe subjects are too broad but couldn't find anything.

    Anyone having or had any issues with 650 rebooting itself after an audible alarm goes off from the Calendar?

    Every time (almost) I have an alarm set and when it goes off, the 650 reboots

    Anyone else?

    Should I just re-install firmware or what?

    Running Cingular branded (but unlocked) Treo 650 (GSM v)
    FW: 01.28
    Software: Treo650-1.13-ROW

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    1. Hard reset your Treo
    2. Rename your desktop /Palm/<username>/Backup directory to /Palm/<username>/backupold
    3. Hotsync

    That'll load your PIM data but none of your 3rd party software (one or two of which are probably behind your problem). Test your alarms - there should be no problem; then, add back one or two apps at a time, testing as you go...if the problem reappears, you should then have a good idea of which app is the cause.
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    Are you using Agendus or DateBk5 or some other replacement datebook, or some other alarm system that replaces the built-in one?

    Odd this is happening.. Maybe your midi alarm file is corrupted somehow?
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    Thanks Bill and Khaytsus.

    I tried Agendus ... uninstalled it. Tried Contacts 5 and it is still on there (maybe that is it)

    Will try and see what happens...
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    I had an issue with the calendar alarm. I have loaded some custom midi files and assigned one to the calendar alarm. When it went off the Treo rebooted. I switched the alarm sound to a different tune and the problem went away....wierd.
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    I had this same problem when I was using SnapperMail, but as soons as I deleted it it went away!
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    Well, I use SnapperMail but I was using Snapper since I have had the phone -- and it just started up. Now, maybe with an update I did with Snapper.. .that is about the same time I started having reboots on the calendar. Will have to check that out too. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenJoeM
    I had this same problem when I was using SnapperMail, but as soons as I deleted it it went away!
    I thought I was the only one who had reboots from Snappermail. Mine actually didn't always reboot, but it would freeze for 10 to 60 seconds and no key or screen press would unfreeze it. I finally uninstalled Snappermail. Is Snappermail defective? So many posts recommended it when I was trying to decide what to get (I didn't like Versamail) that I can't imagine it is defective. What is going on? I didn't have the problem for the first few months of Snappermail, but once it started, it never stopped.
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    make sure you don't have mutiple programs doing alarms, that will do it. My device resets with worldmate, butler, agendus and ??? alarms!!! I guess when I hear the phone turn on (via Phone Technician) I know an alarm went off

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