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    Hello friends,

    I just got this so-called 2-in-1 cable that's supposed to charge my Treo 650 and also sync it. I am amazed at how quickly it charges it. Basically as fast as my wall charger. Is that normal and is it advisable to do that on a regular basis or might it hurt it somehow?

    But to get to my main issue. It does NOT have that button that the ones that come with the full kit have. I think I used to press that button which automatically hotsynced my Treo to my laptop. I've only ever done it once but it worked just fine! I am still somewhat new to the whole Treo thing but I am loving it more and more.

    So how do I get this 2-in-1 cable to sync??? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Use the HotSync button on the software touchscreen instead.
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    Mine from BoxWave is just as flakey. The cable has to sit exactly parallel to the treo, and totally perpendicular, as well as force pretty far in. This is the case with two of their cables, and two previous 650s. They are not recommended.

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