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    I have been using my Treo650 (Sprint) for just about a year now, no real problems and I love the thing. I'm looking at getting a laptop for home use to replace my desktop. The laptop I'm considering has Win XP Media Center Edition. I know that XP MCE isn't supported by Palm Desktop, but does it work?

    Is the issue with USB? In that case I should be able to do a Serial sync via Bluetooth?

    Or is it an issue where Palm Desktop won't even install on a XP MCE system?

    Please help me understand the issue, is it just that Palm doesn't support it yet or are there actually real issues where they won't play together?

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    I use Palm Desktop with no problems on my XP MCE desktop. It's worked fine on both 2004 and 2005 versions of XP MCE. Don't know why a laptop would be any different.
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    the xp mce is modified version of xp and should work fine with the palm desktop
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    Has anyone actually run into problems because of XP MCE? Seems to be mostly an issue with the statement of MCE being unsupported, but I saw some instances of actual problems on the Palm help forums.
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    I did successful installs of palm desktop over MCE 2004 (SP1 ghost+MCE 2004 upgrade) and MCE 2005 (clean install) on laptops. Not sure why you are having problems.
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    No problems here on an Inspiron 9300 using WinMedCntr.

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