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    I don't know, but it will have to be a significant improvement over other Jabra BT headsets to be worth a look.

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    Anyone try this headset yet, I noticed it's in the Treo Central Store now?
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    Now its sold out and no one here has posted anything about their experiences!
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    Does anyone know if it can be paired to more than one device at the same time? I'd like not to have to re-pair from phone to laptop and back every time.
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    Patiently waiting on some user feedback for this headset. Review on Treonauts was pretty impressive. I want to replace my HBH-662. Tired of the stupid beep when it picks up and hangs up a call. My ears are almost dead.
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    Guess one of us will have to be the ones! If only I werent broke.....!
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    I got the Jabra JX10 for xmas and I love it so far! Sound output is nice and loud and so far it's the best bt hs I've used with the Treo 650. It's super small and super light... so light it feels like it's going to fall off my ear but it's very secure and I can jump around or run without any issues. It fits my ear very well with or without the ear hook. I still can't believe how small and light this thing is. Much better range then the Discovery 640 and Moto HS850. Sound quality is great so far!

    I've owned both the Discovery 640 and the Moto HS850 and hands down this Jabra JX10 is the best of all of them!

    The charging base is made of metal and is nice and heavy... very high quality.

    I've attached a picture of the JX10 next to my SD card... yes it's that small! (sorry, only had the Treo camera around for the pic)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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    Thanks for your review. A lot of us have been anxiously awaiting some independant accounts.
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    Check out the review on Treonauts:

    It's very positive.

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    Has anyone seen this in a retail store? The only place I have seen it is on the web. And has anyone experienced the dreaded beep on call connection and hangup with the Jabra JX10 model (ex: sony hbh-662)?
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    There is a small tone played during call connect/hangup. Not very loud. A simple ringtone is played when call comes in. Still takes couple of rings on the Treo before it rings on the JX10, but this ring delay is due to the crappy bluetooth on the Treo since I experience this on all other headsets I've used. When I make calls... bluetooth connection is very quick.

    After a day of heavy use I found a constent "hiss" with this headset. I only noticed it at night during a call when it was very quiet. Never noticed it when I was outside or driving. I've experienced a similar "hiss" with some of those noise cancelling headphones (i.e. Bose) in a very quiet environment.

    Noise cancelling seems to perform well. I received a call in a loud sushi bar last night and the other person didn't ask me once to repeat myself! That's a first for me using a bluetooth headset in a loud environment.

    Fit is also great so far... I don't use the ear hook and never once had a problem with it falling off...
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    So does the headset actually support call waiting and redial as the review on Treonauts indicates? For anyone who has used the Hbh-662 and the JX10, how does it compare?
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    Just bought one on eBay. I have the same question as the person above though. I wasn't sure if anything had been worked out as far as voice commands go with the Treo.
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    I haven't had a chance to test out call waiting yet.

    I don't use voice command software on my Treo so I don't know about this one.

    Updating on the "hiss" issue with the JX10... The "hiss" noise is constent. I don't like it. Compared to the Discovery 640 the "hiss" is much louder but the Discovery 640 "popcorns" way more and range is horrible. JX10 rarely "popcorns" is at all. Battery life has been great so far. This "hiss" is not horrible but bothers me when I'm in a real quiet area. I can still hear the other person fine and volume is good but it's like a constent hissing background noise. I'm going to contact Jabra and see if I have a defective JX10.

    Even with the "hiss" , this JX10 has been the best BT HS I've used with it's size/fit/performance on the Treo 650... JX10 would be perfect IF the Treo didn't have such a crappy BT setup. Man I really hope they fix the BT on the new Treos!!!
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    PAQMASTER...How does the buttons feel? How comfortable is it without the earhook? How bright is the LED?
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    I ordered this a couple days ago after the few but positive reviews. It arrived this evening, and I've played with it very briefly (haven't had much of an excuse to talk on the phone, go figure). I'm not sure how valuable my experiences are, as this is my first Bluetooth headset, but so far I haven't had any issues.

    Charging took about two hours as advertised; the initial pairing was immediately successful. The earhook was easily switched to left-ear mode, and seems comfortable so far. I tried it without the hook, but it didn't feel secure enough for my tastes; this might just be my technique though, I'll try it again later. The buttons feel firm and slightly rubbery; there is a slight tactile response when they are pressed. The LED seems rather subdued compared to other headsets I've seen, but admittedly I haven't paid much attention so don't quote me on that. I did a quick test of the range and was able to walk across my living room before the signal began to degrade; under normal circumstances it works fine in my pants pocket on either side of my body. I did a couple quick voice quality tests with my girlfriend and it seemed to be acceptable in both directions, but this was very unscientific and I really don't have a basis for comparison. Guess I'll see how it holds up under real use over the next few days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ophelan
    The LED seems rather subdued compared to other headsets I've seen, but admittedly I haven't paid much attention so don't quote me on that.
    Does this mean the JX10 has a visable flashing light when you are waering it or it's in use? If so, that's a deal breaker for me. I can't understand why some headsets have the flashing light unless it's for the "wow, look at me" crowd.
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    It does have a light. It doesn't seem as bad as some I have seen, but it definitely flashes. The manual claims every three seconds in standby and every second when in use. Blue, of course.

    Edit: My girlfriend claims she can barely see it if she looks for it from about ten feet away.
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