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    Those are the ones I'm using. They fit okay, not great, but better than the rubber ring that came with the JX10. I'm wondering about using the mini eargels available on the jabra website. They fit in the canal.
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    I got my Jx10 yesterday thru the ebay site mentioned above. Good price, and delivery was quick. I also got a Palmone treo cradle for 19.00, I paid $50 retail for my other one. I needed one for my desk at work....

    Anyway my impressions of the JX10 are that it is an excellent headset! I tried the MOTO 850, and the treo headset. The treo was ok, but not quite loud enough and didn't fit my ear very well. The Jx10 is much louder! I fitted it with an eargel and bent the earclip to fit. This headset is a keeper. Redial works on my 650 as well. Also, I have no hissing problems with mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by plasmo

    Are these the eargels you used for your JX10?
    Yes, mine is just the clear version of the same.
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    Does anyone know if the minigels will fit on the JX10?
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    I have a JX10 brand new for sale in the Marketplace. Go check it out.
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    does anyone else have an opinion about the JX10 and ambient noises (driving at highways speeds)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lyndon_h
    does anyone else have an opinion about the JX10 and ambient noises (driving at highways speeds)?
    Here's my take: The JX10 seems to provide moderate noise reduction that is helpful when the background noise is below a certain level. If background noise exceeds that threshold, the sound the other caller hears becomes badly distorted. It might be that the JX10 can't discriminate between your voice and the ambient noise when that noise is loud. I've found that when driving slower than 60 MPH the outgoing sound quality is slightly better than the treo alone. When driving over 60 MPH the distortion begins to set in. It gets really bad at 70. I have a relatively quiet car, YMMV. I've just gotten into the habit of slowing down a bit when on the phone.

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    The blue light is extremely tiny, not that bright,no more than 3mm x 3mm. It does wrap around the end of the device for about another 2mm. It is located on the thin black stripe in between the 2 silver sides. It isn't really an attention getting device.

    I hope this helps.
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    As I use the earhook with my JX10, I was a little concerned as the connecting piece is a little fragile looking. I contacted Jabra, and they mentioned that this concern had been brought forth by many users. Currently, you canot buy replacements but Jabra is sending complimentary ones to JX10 owners. You can contact them at:
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    Got the JX10 the other day at Best Buy. Tried it for a few days. Sound quality was good coming in. Just a few minor scratches at times. Outbound though my wife reported a lot of scratchiness and breaking up. It seemed dependent on how I lined up the unit along my cheek. It was very comfortable to wear and very light compared to my Cardo. However the over ear hook wasn't as secure when you moved your head around very much. I ended up returning it because of the outbound sound. For that kind of money it better be almost perfect.
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