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    I have done a search, and thought I read somewhere regarding my issue with the treo.

    When I send an SMS it comes back and alerts me. This annoying. The only way to get rid of the alert is to enter and exit the sms program.. Any ideas? is this because I have it set up as chat threads? I am on verizon with the latest firmware.
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    It alerts you that you have just SENT an sms? I have never heard of that one...that really would annoy me too. I'm just curious...what does the alert say?
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    Just get an annoying sound (whatever my alerts are set to) or a vibrate if ringer is turned off and a flashing LED
    I use butler- mabe I should disable it and see how it goes
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    It's my understanding that this is common behavior when using VZW and Butler - mine does the same thing. With the VZW sms, as you probably know, your sent sms text appears grey until your message is delivered. It's a delivery notification feature VZW has although it doesn't necessary work when sending txt to non-VZW users I've noticed.

    My understanding is that Butler picks up this notification as an incoming sms, and that's why you get the alert. I belive Butler's developer is aware of this. I've not looked to see if there are any further developments latelty.

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