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    New to Treo 650 & have a lot to learn. I've had to work through some technical issues (Versamail & Xpress) so I'm behind the learning curve on basics. Now that I've got the email stuff fixed, I'm just too excited for words about this new little toy

    However, there is one thing that is really bugging me, and that's the ringtone situation. I didn't understand before buying that the ringtones were so limited or that getting a different ringtone would be complicated.

    I'm not a big ringtone user, but I'm more attached than I'd realized to my old ringtone (Theme from Mission Impossible). Silly perhaps, but . . .

    I've looked at the forums, but I'm so new a lot of the discussion is a bit over my head yet. I don't have Bluetooth (whatever that is) on either my laptop or PC. I'd like to avoid a 3rd party ap since that's a lot of space used for one flippin ringtone. I'm well-stocked with SD cards.

    Can any kind soul direct me to a kind of Treo 650 Ringtones for Dummies thread or site? Or, provide me with Dummy-type step-by-step instructions? I'm really good at following instructions

    TIA for any help!
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    What format is the ringtone you want to use? A midi file? An mp3?

    Midi should be easy. Email it to yourself and open it on the phone, it should get added as an option in sound prefs. An mp3 will require 3rd party software...several options down that path.
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    Easiest way is to record the sound on the Treo and set it as your ringtone.
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    if you want to avoid 3rd party software, save it as a WAV file and the Treo can use it just fine. Otherwise there are 3rd party programs like RingoPro. I had very bad luck with Ringo throwing my Treo into a vicuous reset loop (and no longer use it), but hopefully they have fixed it. YMMV.
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    I really like the combination of PTunes and Lightwav Pro. I can use any file format that PTunes recognizes as a ringtone ( all my media is WMA to save space.). I can even set where the song starts for my ringer.
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    the 650 can play wav files native like it can midis without a player?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pump142
    the 650 can play wav files native like it can midis without a player?
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