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    Yes, I have experienced the same behavior reported by dsady in post 119.

    In addition, I have noticed that some emails are skipped during the sync process. For example, Marc sent an email with the subject "Ooops. Correct Version . . ." today, which I received on my computer at 12;52 pm. It still has not synced with my Treo, although more recent emails have.
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    Is it still happening for you?
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    Yes, it's still happening. I should note, however, that I am one update behind. I haven't loaded the version sent out today.
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    In order for me to get new mail after the initial account setup, I have to Reload the mailbox, reset the connections and QSync - that will pull in any new mail. If I just QSync, Chatter tries twice and the mail doesn't come in. All I get is "Listen." Do your QSync's work?
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    I was going to ask if it's a Cingular phone, but Marc has already isolated issues with Cingular.
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    This really isn't the place to report bugs. You should send me an email at I would need, at the least, a log with some annotation noting the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsady
    I'm really enjoying being part of this testing process. I am running the most recent version (as of 5:52 EST...) and I have been installing the updates as soon as I get them.

    I have been having a weird issue that I am working with Marc on - just wanted to see if anyone else has seen this:

    After my initial setup of my exchange account (over OWA), the e-mail in my inbox flies in right away. From that point forward, Chatter usually just reports "Listen." Everyonce in a while, the Listen will go to Connect--> Login...-> and the locked envelope icon will appear - it will go through this cycle twice - but no new mail. I have noticed that it will often do this when new mail is waiting (I have been monitoring on my outlook client). If I try a quicksync - same thing - Chatter tries, but no new mail.

    If I reload my mailbox, reset the connections and try QSync again - my new mail will come in everytime. But nothing after that. Has anyone seen this?

    BTW, sending messages works perfectly every time and with no delay at all.


    I had the same problem before the 'listen 53' solution. Try typing that into the console, reset, and reconnect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    This really isn't the place to report bugs. You should send me an email at I would need, at the least, a log with some annotation noting the problem.

    Marc, I have sent you a couple emails and I have not gotten any response yet.
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    Okay, I don't see the "Coming Soon" on the OWA screen anymore. Should I be reading something into that?
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    Open beta (which at this point will continue for a few months) will be next week.

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    any plans for a windows version of chatteremail (including OWA) for the new treo?
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    Not at the moment.

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    Now that there is a 30 day trial to we actually register, or is this not an active trial on the beta?
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    Go to the forum page at chatteremail. OWA is cancelled.
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    I will create an indefinite beta for current users; I have cancelled the OWA project otherwise, due to differences with my licensor.

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    Ok, I just posted a question regarding that on your forum; glad you answered it here.
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    sorry to hear about the business issues. good luck.
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    Stuff happens; all will be well. Frankly, I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

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    For those that care, i would encourage you to write to Mr. Dionne and his Business advisors and share your opinions of Marc and his efforts.
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