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    Hmm... It should show up that it's been read after a while (probably the next sync). If it isn't, you'd need to send a log that covers reading an unread message and the following few minutes. I'm not sure about read receipts actually; I'd have to look into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SailRace

    Another question for you. Should read receipts be processed via OWA? Meaning, if i read an email on my Treo, should the exchange server show that it has been read, and vice versa, because for now, it doesn't seem to be doing so. So i thought i'd ask.

    On my Cingular (which Push isn't yet working) if I read an email and then quick sync - the change is reflected on the server after the next sync. And pretty much vice versa when I do a full sync.

    I'm also able to "move" emails to the first folder level....but not sub folders. So, I've created a folder called Treo and move it to there temporarily until I log on via the PC and then file it.

    It's working as I expect - push would be great but since Cingular is busy rolling out network changes.....well I'll still buy it when it comes full release.

    Marc - Rocks!
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    I've been following this forumn for a couple of months now - and I would also LOVE to try the OWA access for chatter. I've been reading the raves about it and I can't wait to see how it works. What do I need to do to obtain a copy. If it works, I'm sold!

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    Actually, moose, push *was* working on Cingular and then the dumbasses blocked UDP 500. We need to find an open UDP port to get push working again, or kock Cingular over the head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taroliw
    ..... or kock Cingular over the head.
    It's the Holiday Season - lets wait till January 2nd at least.

    For those of you listening in - Chatter does easily allow for "quicksync" based upon a timetable. So even if the details can't be worked out with the mighty "att" (Cingular's soon to be new name) then you still can get your email via OWA/Exchange without having to wait too long.

    I told Marc that even if it never pushed - I was buying it when he takes it to full release. This is as close to the blackberry solution that most of my counterparts have (and I had and hated)......

    I don't want Calendar or Contact push - and I don't really need full email push - I just wanted to be able to file to top level folders and see email.

    Subfolders would be nice but that's not a full requirement either. I'm off to go do some more testing.
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    Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
    iPhone 3G, Treo 750, 680, 650, 600 and T5, T3, T, M515, M505, Vx, V, Prizm, Visor, IIIc, IIIe, Palm Pilot Professional, Palm Pilot (ok boys and girls a whopping 128k of memory - those were the days) and former Palm Beta tester.
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    Hey Marc,

    I've noticed something strange, but not necessarily a huge deal. Now that i'm using 5 Top level folders to categorize my mail, i've started relying on the Summary format to view incoming mail on the Treo as it arrives.

    But for some odd reason, when i open an email, in the top left, it says x of 250 emails, or however many are in my list. But it is exactly one off. When i open the very first email in the summary, it says 2 of 254, instead of 1 of 254. In each of the individual mailboxes, it works fine, just in the summary have i noticed this.

    Again, it doesn't affect the usability of the program, but something i noticed as i go.

    Also, for whatever reason, after using hte console to "reload" each mailbox, they are all now syncing beautifully, as read or unread on my server.
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    Yes, that's a summary "feature".

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    Ah, one of those lovely "features" - i see. I guess i'll learn to ignore it.
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    Does the new Chatter OWA sync only the email and not sync the Calendar and Contacts?

    I've never been happy that most Exchange-Treo solutions force me to sync my Contacts and Calendar (combo personal and business entries) to my company when all I want to do is manage my company email - not transmit my personal info to my company.
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    For now, just email. I don't think he wants to deal with the contacts and calendar. As you said, most people just want an email solution.
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    lawilson2 - great news, thanks for the reply!
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    Marc really wants to make this a public beta, but the people who are trying out the alpha are not giving enough feedback. It doesn't make sense for him to push it out to everyone with problems, so those who are testing it out really need to respond to him with any issues, even if you aren't having any. Some response is better than none. We have a developer that tirelessly sends out updates nearly everyday at no extra charge, and the least we can do is help him make a better product. Speech over.
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    Being part of the Alpha program, I can state that it isn't ready for public beta yet. The main purpose of a public beta is to try and make sure that there aren't any critical bugs that are going to cause you problems once you ship. If you know that there are critical bugs in the product (or incomplete features), you limit the distribution of your test subjects, for nothing else but to keep your own sanity. I am pretty sure that we all want Marc spending his time working on Chatter, and not sending out support emails that say: "Yeah, we know about that one, we are working on it".

    It'll be ready when it is ready.
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    I will second both what Lawilson and Druce both said above. Althought the Alpha is getting closer and closer, there appear to still be some issues. I will say this, i've been using it extensively this week, as i've been out of the office a lot, and so far, the basic functionality is great. I've sent Marc a couple logs of some small connectivity issues, that appear to sort themselves out (don't know if its Chatter or Sprint sometimes), but for the most part, it seems to be pretty close to being functional.

    Keep giving Marc as much feedback as possible......

    One of the problems i seem to be having is Chatter's desire not to come out of seep mode automatically in the mornings. It seems to just hang saying network wait, and can't initialize the Vision connection with Sprint. I do a quicksync, and everything connects just fine.
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    Hi, Druce. Are you still unable to connect (have you tried recent versions)? At some point, I lost my OWA mailing list and reconstructed as best I could, but I'm not sure if you're on it. Please shoot me an email and let me know where this stands.


    p.s. Most users are having great success with the newest versions; I'm not aware of bugs as much as 1) functionality not yet implemented, and 2) a handful of users who aren't able to connect at all (maybe 5-10% of those who have tried it).
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    With the latest fix, all is well (for me at least). It's worth the wait.
    As for alpha testers not providing feedback - they are not earning the priviledge that Marc has provided them IMO. "Speech over"
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    Well, I've been running with the OWA builds even if I haven't always been using the Exchange mailbox itself. I'm one of those Cingular-afflicted folks who can't get push working.

    But one thing I really want to make a big splash over is something that some people might otherwise overlook. The M13 ChatterMatrix build is FANTASTIC! At last, Matrix SSL no longer causes the Treo to lock up (during session setup). I had encountered some interactions with VeriChat in this, where it would freak out if it didn't get network response in so many seconds. Since running OWA42+ and M13, I haven't had a single crash nor a situation in which I had to hit the power key more than once to awaken my Treo.

    It is a wonderful change to Matrix and we adore Marc for finding the time to make it happen. KUDOS!!
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    I concur with the latest Matrix; the 5 second delay is gone. I love it!
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    I'm really enjoying being part of this testing process. I am running the most recent version (as of 5:52 EST...) and I have been installing the updates as soon as I get them.

    I have been having a weird issue that I am working with Marc on - just wanted to see if anyone else has seen this:

    After my initial setup of my exchange account (over OWA), the e-mail in my inbox flies in right away. From that point forward, Chatter usually just reports "Listen." Everyonce in a while, the Listen will go to Connect--> Login...-> and the locked envelope icon will appear - it will go through this cycle twice - but no new mail. I have noticed that it will often do this when new mail is waiting (I have been monitoring on my outlook client). If I try a quicksync - same thing - Chatter tries, but no new mail.

    If I reload my mailbox, reset the connections and try QSync again - my new mail will come in everytime. But nothing after that. Has anyone seen this?

    BTW, sending messages works perfectly every time and with no delay at all.


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    This is a strange one, and appears to be an isolated case. Not sure what's up with it yet.

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