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    Any thoughts on the Secure ID question I posted above?
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    SecurID is a real abomination in the sense that it utterly prevents push, and requires manual intervention even with a timed sync - so it's only valuable if you're going to manually sync mail. I will probably look at it, but given the hassles, it's not at the top of my list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick

    Any thoughts on the Secure ID question I posted above?
    If your company is security conscious, they should look at GoodLink and Good Mobile Defense

    Sorry, Marc...had to after your shot in the other thread.

    All jokes aside, I am very interested in seeing this new product as well.
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    GoodGuy - There are certainly situations in which a product like Good is the right choice; this is probably one of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    GoodGuy - There are certainly situations in which a product like Good is the right choice; this is probably one of them.

    And in response, I think the new product you are coming out with will be a great fit in situations where it fits as well.

    This ends this session of the mutual admiration society
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    We will now return to our previous programming.

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    The OWA wait is killing me ... any updates?
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    Send me an email at referencing this... Let me know your carrier as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    Send me an email at referencing this... Let me know your carrier as well.

    I was refering to the wait for the OWA open beta for eval (I just noticed that there's a new beta uploaded.)

    But, I'm impressed by the quick response!
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    I'll say this: I just switched from Cingular to Sprint. It's cheaper, and the push with the OWA works PERFECTLY. When I say perfectly, I mean it. It's super fast and works great. Marc has done a tireless job getting this together.

    There's a slight hold up on the Cingular side (not his fault, Cingular is screwing with their network settings). When this comes out though, it will sell a lot because it appeals to workers like me who have an OWA account at work, hate logging into the website to view it, have a Treo, and want to access it anywhere. I'm all over my building during the day and it's invaluable.

    Be patient, it's going to be superb!
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    Marc, what do I have to do to try out your OWA? I currently use active sync but I am waiting for your OWA to try it and buy it.
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    Does OWA Personal have flag synch at this point?
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    HOLY CRAP!!!!!

    Marc, this is the greatest thing that's happened to the Treo since day one, when i opened the thing out of the damn box. I can't tell you how pleased and amazed i am at how seamlessly the OWA feature works. I would be writing this whole thing in caps to express my pleasure if the shouting didn't annoy people. You have made my Treo perfect now. IMAP push was good, but i had to re-direct my mail. OWA is PHENOMENAL.

    Now, where does the line start to begin begging for multiple folder sync - i need to use multiple folders to keep all the emails froms various cost centers separate, and i'd hate to have to set up an individual mailbox for each one. If i did set up a separate box for each one, would that cause any greater drain on the battery or the amount of time the data connection was active, or would it only be triggered if new mail arrived?

    You truly are the man when it comes to Treo program development. Where do i sign up to give you more money?
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    You can use multiple folders now, just only top-level ones. Use "New Mailbox" to create the other folders on the Treo. And no, no more drain EXCEPT to the extent that more sync's happen - and this depends on how often you're checking your boxes (push doesn't cost much at all; it's just the actual syncs that take a little time).

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    I'm strictly using push...and since i was pushing all my email from IMAP anyway, there shouldn't then be any additional tax on the system or data connection. I am in the process of re-editing all my folders on my exchange set-up so that i can do it this way. Sub-folders would have been nice...but i can use this as a work around...for now.

    Seriously Marc, thank you for doing this....
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    I for one would also love secure ID, though I realize its probably a ton of work for you to implement. I work for a very large company that requires this step for security reasons. We will never implement a solution like 'Good' here because we already have a rather large blackberry infrastructure.

    We are always looking for blackberry alternatives that would require less infrastructure. Since we already use OWA, I would love to point treo users here to Chatter.
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    Hey Marc,

    As i continue to play with the OWA beta, and believe me, i'll log any problems i run into, although so far, it's running great, i was wondering about other beta releases.

    If i use the upgrade chatter command in Chatter, will i continue to upgrade to the latest OWA beta, or will i revert back to no OWA? I want to stay on board with the latest and greatest whenever possible.

    I was also thinking about two features that would be really nice...
    1) I think someone else mentioned this, but being able to choose the order that Mailboxes cycle in would be nice
    2) Being able to set a defauly Outgoing mail profile for use from the Summary page. Now that i'm using 5 folders plus one IMAP account, i have to select which profile to send with out of the summary. Usually, i want to send from a particular one except for special instances, so it would be nice to be able to choose my default outgoing profile, so when i hit "New" email, it would automatically use that profile. Any chance in working this in in future releases?
    3) Any chance that there is a "hotkey" that can be used to go directly to the summary mailbox from any of the other boxes that i'm in.
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    I'm a little confused here, does the new beta ( support OWA access (doesn't appear to)? If not, any updates on the expected release?

    I've got the Corp. card ready to buy the chatteremail/ssl/owa beta solution for test if it's ready to go. If not, Versamail's pull solution is going to be painful over the xmas break.
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    Miggy - No, the new beta doesn't support OWA. I'm handing them out one at a time still, but that should change soon. Shoot me an email at and let me know your carrier.

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    Another question for you. Should read receipts be processed via OWA? Meaning, if i read an email on my Treo, should the exchange server show that it has been read, and vice versa, because for now, it doesn't seem to be doing so. So i thought i'd ask.

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