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    Quote Originally Posted by pizenson
    I tried using Versamail to connect to my work mail, but was never able to get it to connect. Something Marc did go around the security challenges. I'm very happy so far.

    I've looked at the PPC, but it just seems a bit too big and bulky. The Treo is a bit bigger than I would prefer, but I can't imagine the keyboard any smaller either.
    The 6700 is about the same size as the Treo 650, I actually dislike the keyboard on the 6700 because I think it is too big. It is nearly impossible to type one handed and the width of the keyboard makes thumb typing uncomfortable.
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    Hi All.

    I'm beta testing OWA, and am so excited about this product! One question for all you long-time Chatter users:

    If you delete a message in your Outlook inbox (or move it to another folder) does your Chatter Inbox still show the message?

    If I delete a message in Outlook, even though I have OWA set to "Listen" (ie Push) the message continues to show in the inbox on Chatter...which is not the expected behaviour. To be fair, I haven't read through all of the Chatter documentation...I'm hoping that this post will give me a quick answer.....

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    tDot -

    OWA is a work in progress; at the moment, syncs happen 1) when new mail is pushed, and 2) after an hour. So you wouldn't see deletions reflected right away in Chatter as it's now implemented. I expect this to change, and that users will have various options for keeping the Treo and OWA in sync; as you might expect, there are tradeoffs involved (e.g. more frequent syncs = more battery usage, more calls to VM on CDMA phones, etc.)

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    Marc, any ideas on the pricing of OWA addon?
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    I think I'm going to stick with $29 for now; not final, but that's where I'm most comfortable right now. I may have a more robust version at a higher price somewhere later on (more enterprise-like features, perhaps sync'ing PIMs; not sure).

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    Can I PLEASE get in on the beta? Or are you close to opening it up to general use soon?
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    Any status on the open beta version? I can't use a redirector any longer and versamail is nowhere close to the solution I need....
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    Hey Marc,

    I believe I am staying at this current job that provides OWA at least until next year June. I'm contemplating doing my business full time eventually (not confirmed though). That being said, do you think, just in your opinion (nothing official), that it's worth it for me to get the PDA package with Cingular vs. the MediaWorks package I have now (the MediaWorks package doesn't allow OWA Push)? I now have unlimited internet and 1500 text messages for 19.95/month. If I get the PDA plan (the plan I'm technically supposed to be on), it will cost around $40/month along with $10/month for a decent text messaging package (I average around 300/month currently). I am also on their 450 voice plan that I'm considering upgrading from, especially if I do my biz full time. 450 min won't be enough.

    Even though it's addressed to Marc, anyone can answer of course. Thanks.
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    I don't know how anyone can help you with that one - it just depends on whether it's worth $30/month TO YOU for the OWA access...

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    It's close (the open beta). I'm thinking next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meonline
    Can I PLEASE get in on the beta? Or are you close to opening it up to general use soon?

    I can't believe I am begging someone to give me an opportunity to spend money on them!

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    Quick question (maybe it's been addressed, but I couldn't find it).

    I am interested in the OWA version of Chatter, but I don't know if it will work for me. My company is very tight on security, and I'm certain the IT department would flip if they knew I was using my personal phone (650) to send/receive emails under my account. My setup is this:

    We do have OWA capability (using it now, as my laptop is being worked on). Our login sequence using the web-based portal goes as follows:

    RSA SecureID:

    Since I have to enter my SecureID code to access OWA, will it be possible for me to use Chatter OWA to access my work email? It seems every post I read says if you have OWA, then Chatter OWA will work...but what about the ever-changing SecureID codes??


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    I can't imagine that this would work. RSA usually implements a farily quick socket timeout. At least they used to. This would defeat the push capabilities, which require a socket be held open over a long period (an hour w/ OWA??). Using a timed quicksync wouldn't work, either, as RSA would keep asking for a new SecureID token. At best, you might be able to get Mark to hack in some form of custom authentication scheme that accepted a SecureID token along with a User ID and Password (presumably saved to save typing) which would work for manual syncing. However, I'd guess the chance of this happening would be close to nil.

    No, I think your company's security policies are well backed up with their hardware/software solution. I wouldn't expect corporate e-mail on your Treo any time soon (unless of course you're forwarding it on to an outside provider, in which case your company's security nazi's are probably on the way to drag you to a gulag right now). Sorry...

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    I thought that the SecurID was needed only when logging in not to stay logged in. Also, if Chatter generates enough traffic (but too much) then the connection should stay alive. I think the biggest challenge is going to be entering the SecurID code.
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    Just checking in... any updates Marc? You're pretty quiet....
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    Just working... I still hope to have the open beta of OWA out by the weekend...

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    It's getting really close to a solid product. I've enjoyed being a part of the alpha version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    Just working... I still hope to have the open beta of OWA out by the weekend...

    Sounds very exciting - hopefully "weekend" means Thursday night in this case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    Just working... I still hope to have the open beta of OWA out by the weekend...

    Will there be a charge for the open beta, or can it be download as a trial?
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    There will be a 30-day trial, I'm thinking...

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