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    Exchange ActiveSync is not automatically enabled, it still requires configuration on the part of your Exchange administrator, and if your organization has any kind of decent firewall security, also requires work on the part of your systems administrator.
    (besides as Marc mentioned, the odds of a decent client showing up for the Treo are pretty slim and far away).
    Chatter with OWA will be an excellent solution - even for people using goodlink or xpressmail, Chatter-OWA will be there as a backup if those go down, for any business user that's *easily* worth the money. $69. is definitely a more reasonable price point for the casual user though. - you may be able to make up the difference with volume licensing deals, it's a great product for small/medium size businesses.
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    Where are you on the progress of the beta... or pre-beta? Are you ready to hand out to a wider license.

    Price: I agree that $80 would be too high and something under $70 would be more palatable. But having it as a beta and getting used to it and then having to get rid of it because of $80 is going to be a tough one!
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    I think $29 for this plug in is an excellent value. I am a IS manager for a small to medium size company where we bought a Blueberry server and supplied each of our salesman a Blueberry phone long before Chatter was available. The cost of $80 per salesman is less than the cost of server software and cost of maintaining it.
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    I guess it is awesome for business that is making money off of it, but I'm just an theater teacher. It would not make any money for me, its just a way to communicat with students, parents and admin. How about an educational discount?
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    resturg, if you're the IS manager, then why not just have your admin open up IMAP and get by with the $39 base package?? :-)

    Seriously, yes, $80 per client is far better than the prices charged by RIM and Good and the like. And for those (likely like you) who can't or don't want to open up IMAP and don't need the added features of RIM/Good, then this is the right solution and $80 might well be worth it. However, as I posted earlier, I just feel like 1) you might be alienating a potential base of buyers (ala mrgaza), and 2) the competition from WM devices is real and not far off at all. We don't even know for sure that there will ever be a follow-on PalmOS Treo, so pricing it too high may make the cost/benefit of depolying a Treo 650/Chatter OWA solution fall below that of a 700w (out of the box) solution in a few months.

    I will say again, though, that if this adds more than simply an OWA-based transport, then $29 is certainly fair. Specifically, if we see calendar sync and meeting invitation/acceptance (especially if it includes free/busy lookup integrated with the Exchange Server's GAL), then we're talking about a whole new beast.

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    Iím in charge of application development not network people. We have already spent the money for servers the network people tell me to get a Blackberry. I could go up the chain of command but they all have Blackberry phones. I do agree meeting invitation/acceptance would be good feature. You can read the read the meeting invitation but can not respond. I can live with out sync of contacts and calander because when I get back I will Hot Sync.
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    I actually think the price is pretty fair. Mainly because with the Windows based solutions that are coming out, it appears that they are using ActiveSync to get Exchange mail. In my situation, OWA is the only solution because of the firewall, and the fact that ActiveSync is disabled for me. So for users like myself, it's either this solution or get a BlackBerry.
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    I'm a business user, and currently do NOT have the option of IMAP with our system administrators. I have been waiting for this kind of solution since before David announced NexMail. (and that was a long time ago). I've been stuck using OMA which sucks more than I can tell you.

    As a business user, the difference in price between 39 and 89 is immaterial. If this solution does what it's designed to do, I'll GLADLY part with the $

    One question: What determines if you need Matrix? My mid-size company is very security-minded. Does using Matrix add complexity to the install/configuration/daily use???
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    MatrixSSL allows for background SSL operation (the Treo's SSL package doesn't), so if you need SSL and want to get mail while you're away from Chatter, then you need this.

    It couldn't be easier.... If it's loaded onto the Treo, it's used.

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    tDot - Could you contact me via eMail at; I'd like to get you trying it, but I have a few questions.

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    So, It seems like OWA will be only affortable to business people while average Joes email users will be left out.

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    treolo - That's a strange way of looking at it. The average Joe doesn't have an Exchange account. Alternatives to Chatter+OWA cost FAR more, including monthly fees.

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    Aww, Al, give Marc a chance to think about it. This is a new concept and I'm sure he's weighing the options and perhaps negotiating with David regarding licensing costs. Once a final decision is made, then we can ***** if appropriate...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    The average Joe doesn't have an Exchange account. Alternatives to Chatter+OWA cost FAR more, including monthly fees.
    Marc, there are plenty of average Joe's that are affected. Average joe's working for companies that don't have POP or IMAP access and have their Treo's individually. Techno-lusting teacher's who work for school districts that have Exchange (like my wife) but no way to get to it except via OWA. Faculty/Students at universities (like me) who can get at it via IMAP, but would prefer OWA if it provided a cleaner/better solution. These average joe's may have found other solutions to e-mail access (like paying for hosted IMAP account and forwarding mail there), but would prefer an integrated solution that allowed tham to manage/synchronize the mail in their Exchange accounts directly.

    Don't forget about these "average Joes."


    PS - No argument that most competing solutions are more expensive--just that there seems little need to perpetuate the madness...
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    So how far along is the beta?
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    Pretty far. I might release a first public beta next week. There are about 15 users now.

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    As stated before business users don't generally care if the price is $80. I have been looking at either using Good or BlackBerry server to provide mobile access to email and calendar among other items. The price of either of those two options makes $80 look like pocket change. I wish Chatter would consider further developement to provide the ability to synch the calendar.

    In my workplace where I have a sales force that attends various events often during the month they are unable to easily synch anyway but wireless. They need to be able to schedule meetings while on the road and their sales assistants need to be able to see the scheduled meeting so other meetings are not scheduled at the same time.

    As it stands now I am willing to pay a monthly fee for BlackBerry and Good so I would be willing to pay for Chatter. Just looking at what I would have to pay for Blackberry service is insane. I would have to upgrade to the Sprint Blackberry plan which adds at least $30/mo to my current plan. Assuming I don't buy BES and host everything locally I would have to pay MailStreet (or another provider) a $39.95 activation fee and then $9.95 a month on top of what I pay for a hosted exchange account. So over the course of a year I would pay over $500, not including the fact I have to buy a BlackBerry when I and some others already have Treos.

    So if Chatter was able to work with Exchange for email and calendar items I would easily pay well over $80 for the full package. I'm might be trying to convert my entire workplace, 30 users, to a system like this. If I use BlackBerries I would pay $15000 for just a year of service. If Chatter had a one time fee of even something like $250 it would be a no brainer for me.
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    This is a very interesting discussion, really, and I enjoy it.

    The problem is that there are two major classes of potential users, and they are VERY VERY different; I think neotope and treolo are good representatives of these groups.

    The fact is that $80 (or whatever it is) is NOTHING for many business users who would, as neotope suggest, pay a multiple of that. But $80 is also a significant price for an individual who can't "write it off" or have the business pay for it.

    Typically, what's done is to have tiers of product - a low-end product for individuals and a higher-end product for "professionals", and that indeed might happen here. I don't have a crystal ball for this.

    ChatterEmail is very reasonably priced, I think, at $39. The OWA personal addition is also reasonably priced at $29, I believe, especially considering that I must pay royalties on it. Matrix is just a shame, because it's only a bug in the Palm OS that makes it necessary; I make NO MONEY on Matrix, though, so I can't do much of anything about that $12.

    So there's no really easy answer here. I am still considering the various options, and I appreciate all the input. The idea is to charge the "right" amount, but that is much easier said than done.

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    I lost the bookmark when my laptop imploded 4 months ago but it was a study that found the following:

    It cost ~$400/device/month for RIM's Blackberry solution
    It cost ~$350/device/month for Good's Goodlink solution
    It cost ~$250/device/month for Extended Systems OneBridge solution

    Keep in mind that these costs included the cost of increased staff to configure and administer the middleware servers...

    And the granularity of push attainable with the owa module is unheard of.

    Quick note on AS 5/Exch 2003 SP2

    SP2 was just released and M has tought us to never deploy SP's into production upon release...unless of course you want to work out the kinks for them. IT mgr's at least the smart ones will start depolying SP2 in pilot's around the end of Q1 2006 and you should start seeing SP2 in production around the end of Q3 2006. AS 5 has not been released and there is no release date (well at least as of a couple weeks ago) so in all honesty, we won't even begin seeing AS 5/EX2003SP2 functionality till this time next year.

    Question about AS5 or any player in this space...can anyone tell us who and how much anyone can do of the following:

    1. Sync All 5 datastores (Email, Cal, Cont, Notes, Tasks)?
    2. Sync Subfolders of all 5 datastores?
    3. Sync Public Folders?
    4. Sync Subfolders of Public Folders?
    5. Handle Meeting Requests?
    6. Handle Server Based Email Rule creation/modification/deletion?
    7. TRUE Push for all 5 datastores?
    8. TRUE Push for Subfolders of all 5 datastores?
    9. TRUE Push for Public Folders?
    10. TRUE Push for Subfolders of Public Folders?
    11. TRUE Push at the item level (contact, appointment, etc)?
    12. TRUE Push based on any of the following criteria and/or any combination of the following criteria:
    a. Update to/of/in folder, sub-folder, or item (contact or appointment)?
    b. Delete to/of/in folder, sub-folder, or item?
    c. Addition to/of/in folder, sub-folder, or item?

    NexSync which the Chatter OWA module is based off of can preform ALL of the just mentioned tasks WITHOUT...

    cumbersome middleware
    silly desktop redirectors
    IT involvment outside of allowing OWA
    COSTING ANYWHERE NEAR the closest competitor

    NexSync also scales better then any other single competitor and we at Nextworks have a model to provide remote device management which will include OTA unattended deployment, remote device wipe, dynamic support and much more.

    We have also opened communications with vehical manufacturers with the goal of including and obeying local law's, this type of functionality in vehicals with OB Navigation/HUD and BMW Assist'ish or OnStar'ish capabilities.
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    I hope Vince doesn't see that post, he is such a good guy and he would kill me.... Why aren't you responding to my IM's ?

    He's convinced im
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