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    I've had to reboot my Treo 650 and for some reason many of the games and other programs do NOT show up on the screen. BUT, my problem is that most of the programs will NOT even run n PowerRUN now. I get an error that says:

    "File is not palm database file (.prc or .pdb) or corrupted. Run PowerRUN and delete the file."

    Hell, most of the time THIS file is not even in PowerRUN. WHere do I delete it and add it back in? I'm not sure what proper steps here to take. PLUS, most of the programs that are in PowerRUN, I get an Error under Launch.

    THIS is a real shame. This whole thing was running smoothly until I did a reboot.

    ANY suggestions would sure be appreciated.

    How frustrating up half the night on this thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowball
    "File is not palm database file (.prc or .pdb) or corrupted. Run PowerRUN and delete the file."
    yeah i got this message a couple of times, so i'll give you a few things you can try:
    first powrerrun prefs might've gotten messed up somewhere along the way so first try deleting powerrun's prefs with a file manager like Resco_explorer or File_z, for this particular instance i suggest uninstall manager because you just click on the app you want and it shows all the prefs for that app. what you can do too is go to the Palm/Programs/Powerrun/" " folder , save the app in question and its associated files in another temp. folder,then delete that app completely,next place that app/associated files back in RAM and again save through powerrun...but first try the simple method before this,let me know how it goes or if you have anymore questions.

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