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    i got a treo 650 (hardware revision b) a couple weeks ago, and the darn thing crashes on me thru normal use from 3 to 6 times a day. i know this isnt normal, as my friend has one that hardly ever crashes. i also have a very hard time running apps installed in the ram. since the problems happen at random im really starting to think it has some bad memory. and sprint wont swap it out unless the tech sees it crash. also keep in mind he doesnt test my 3rd party apps. just the ones that come in the rom. so duh, its not gonna crash for him. is there a program or some other way i can test the phone's memory to prove its defective? by the way, i do have the latest os version.
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    Did you upgrade from another device (like the Treo 600)?

    Did you simply hotsynch all your apps from a previous device to your new 650? If so, that's the problem. You need to start from scratch and install apps one at a time.

    If that's not the issue, list all your 3rd party apps, maybe you have one that is known to cause problems.
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    not an upgrade. the apps im running where recomended by a buddy of mine who also has a 650. infact, the software config is almost the same. the apps i have trouble with he can run just fine. all i have right now are zlauncher, pxaclock, udmh, verichat, ljp, zquake, bugme, volumecare, uninstall, and cardkeeper. i used to use ringo too, but it gave me really bad trouble. like i said, all these apps work fine for my friend. theres no reason for me to be having issues like this.

    i thought i should add that i have tried a hard reset on several ocations and reinstalling everything from scratch.
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    Based on the apps you listed, I would lean towards an issue with either pxaclocker (which just seems like a bad idea to me, though many people seem to think it is "essential") and udmh, which I have seen mixed reviews on, but never tried myself. Finally, verichat is also referred to as vericrash due to it's notorious instability.

    I would recommend a hard reset, then, as painful as this is, install only one app at a time. Run the treo for the day with only the one app. If no crashing, add a second app and run for a get the idea. Yes, it's slow and tedious, but it should help you ID the problem.

    Out of curiosity....after it crashes, if you dial ##377 what does it say caused the crash? Is it always the same app? Is there a pattern to what you are doing when it crashes?
    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."
    - Albert Einstein
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    the last time it crashed today it was when i ended a call. i did the ##377 thing and it said "phone" caused the crash. something about an invalid audio profile. and verichat has never crashed me lol. atleast its never running when it happens.
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    again, i took the phone to the sprint store to see if the tech could find an issue. but no, he had no problem with it. go figure right? but yea, they wont exchange it for me unless they find a problem. its really bumming me out.
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    I'm in the same boat. I'm pretty sure there are a few bad bits that occasionally don't work and causes strange resets. It doesn't reset very often when I wipe it because there's nothing polling the memory very often and I think my bad bits are in the higher memory. I use to get MMNotify crashes all the time when I had all my programs on it. I wiped it and it took a little over a day for the phone app to reset the phone randomly. I almost feel like dropping the phone just so it physically breaks so I can get a new one. A memory test app would be very useful. I think the bad memory also caused a bad sync. I actually couldn't sync the phone properly and ended up loosing a lot of my data.
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    well, i called up sprint, and i got them to send me a replacement at no charge. yay for me. i must say the new fone works way way better. im still having issues with ringo, but aparently im not the only one lol. i would still like to see a memtest program. i think ill see if i can contact the guys that make memtest68+ and see if they r willing to port it. i figure its worth a shot.

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