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    I've been without personal email on fastmail for 50+ hours now; this is their latest status report:

    "90% of users are now restored. We have suspended further restores, and have resumed mail delivery."

    I guess I'm one of the lucky 10%. To which I say, #$@!&.

    At this point, I can no longer recommend fastmail as an email host. There have been too many outages (most small, thankfully) to make it worthwhile, and the small difference in price between FM and, say,, just isn't worth it, in my opinion. I know this is something of an extraordinary circumstance, but I don't think they've handled it well.

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    I was going to go with them too. It's a shame; 10% is a huge number if they have as many members as they claim. Why would they "suspend further restores?"

    Thankfully, I switched over to Surpass Hosting with a Developer package, and I have 7GB of total space for my website and my email. My website won't take up more than 100MB EVER, so the rest is for mail storage.
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    Wow...what is going on with fastmail? it has been slow and/or down. what to do?
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    I am just starting to get my e-mails from today.
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    It's been down for 2+ days for me. Unreal.

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    Yes, I just started getting them. 55 hours later; I just don't think that's reasonable, and I also don't think they've handled it well.

    Where's the apology, for starters???

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    Hmm, seems to up for me, both the web version and pushing to my Treo. I wonder what is going on.
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    If you look at, you'll see. About 25% of users were affected.

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    I agree for the pay accounts.

    I am using the free service so I can't really complain.
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    I'll take a credit over an apology.
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    Forunately, I was only without service for a day. I'm still getting mail from a couple of days ago and send and receive are very slow. I agree with Mark, they have handled this very poorly. For me, this is one in a growing list of problems with their service. I guess it's time to find another provider with more reliable service and IDLE. The trick is finding a good one. I'm not familiar enough with the technology of mail servers so I'll have to rely on the recommendations of others.
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    Yeah, can anyone recommend an alternative to Fastmail for use with Chatter?
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    I've used Fusemail for a year and a half without a single outage. I HIGHLY recommend it.
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    Even now my e-mails are arriving about 55 minutes behind.
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    We are graphic designers and frequently send attachments of 20Mb or more in size. I can't find specific information on Fusemails site about what the attachment size limit is. Their forums indicate it may be 10Mb or less. has a limit of 25Mb which I could live with.
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    still seems very very slow today...what other options we have for IMAP? Now I wish I hadn't paid the 20 bucks last week.
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    I am still using a free aim imap account. It seems to work fine?
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    Wow, I guess I did get lucky with my FastMail account. A 10% loss is really not exceptable. They need to explain whyat happened and not on their forum. A message should be sent to all FastMail users. Do they expect those 10% are going to say, "oh well" and keep using the service?

    For alternatives I've seen FuseMail, others? One feature I like with FastMail is 'Personalities' so I can send messages that appear to come from a different e-mail address. This has allowed me to keep an e-mail address I've had for a long time. Does anyone know of another IMAP service that has that feature? I'm just checking out Fuse and Everyone now.
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    i just opened a fusemail acct.....not impressed with speed--7 min to get email. with fastmail it was 30 sec last week....what happened to fastmail?
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