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    I just got my SE 662 a few days ago and I love it . . . except for the fact that it pinches my ear to the point that I can't wear it anymore. I'm hoping that I'm just not wearing it right, but I've tried everything I can think of. Any tips on positioning it on your ear?

    Or may I just have big ears . Since the ear clip is detachable, does anyone sell a larger ear clip?


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    One would expect that rotating the ear clip as far around the ear as possible would be the most stable and comfortable but it is not. I have found that if I put the clip as far around as possible and shake my head the headphone flops around. If I rotate the clip back a bit it I can shake my head like a wet dog and it won't move. It is also more comfortable in this position. I also find that rotating the headphone itself just a tiny amount makes a huge difference in comfort. I can wear mine for hours with no problem and even forget I have it on but if I rotate it just a couple of degrees from there it hurts after a couple of minutes.

    Good luck finding your best position.

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